do not install on same volume....what does it mean

  jay.p 19:19 05 Jan 2007

when installing adobe photoshop it says do not install image ready and photoshop on the same volume as problems may arise ( and they have ).
does volume refer to hard drive as if so i do not have 2 hard drives. also although you get this message there is no option to install seperately it installs as one programme.

  eedcam 19:30 05 Jan 2007

I have both on the sme hard drive no probs though I never use ready what probs are you having are you having?

  eedcam 19:35 05 Jan 2007

Ps adobe likes you to have the programme on one disc and your work saved to another but providing you have ample RAM no need

  jay.p 19:55 05 Jan 2007

thanks for reply eedcam.
if windows media player is playing away and i open adobe at the same time media player almost stops and distorts very badly ( terrible noise).
also cannot crop in photoshop now only image ready. i have 1.5 gb ram so should not be a memory issue.

  hssutton 20:38 05 Jan 2007

The installer program installs both PS and image ready onto the same drive, by default. At the present I'm running CS2 and CS3 without any problem.

Have you set up a scratch disk? preferable on a second drive if not you will almost certainly run into memory here

  eedcam 10:09 06 Jan 2007

I havent set up ascratch disk and no probs on7 memory alloction I think is more critical .
Jay what do you mean you cant crop in P/shop can you say what happens

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