do monitor extension cables solve this problem

  erkmatrix 09:54 13 Sep 2006

Hi I'm wanted to have my computer setup in the corner of my bedroom in my flat and have it set up on a nice workstation to have my bedroom also be a home office for a part time business, thats fine the problem is about three metres away is my bed and sometimes I like to surf to net whilst being a lazy g*t and still in bed on a sunday morn, I know i can get cordless mice and keyboard but could you get also a monitor extention cable around 3 metres and stretch the thing and move the monitor to the bed side.

would this set up work or not if so whats a good make of cordless mice and keyboard and monitor cable


  Audeal 11:20 13 Sep 2006

shorly an ordinary extension lead is all you need to power the monitor.

  erkmatrix 11:32 13 Sep 2006

well yes to power it however I want to move the monitor to the bedside 3 metres away from the computer desk and then use a cordless keyboard and mouse to surf the web. so I would need some sort of extension on the cable that i have plugged in now to do this.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:31 13 Sep 2006

Yes it will work, I have a monitor on a TV bracket in the corner of the romm attached to a Pc on the floor with extension cables for VGA and power.

  erkmatrix 13:10 13 Sep 2006

hi Fruit bat

what make of cable is it you use out of interest, I did hear of someone saying that a cable made his monitor get ghosting so would like to buy a brand that is working for you.


  jolorna 13:22 13 Sep 2006

i had a cable that made the monitor get ghosting that was on a crt monitor years ago, so it might have been the graphic card not up to it, i haven't tried it on a tft

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:49 13 Sep 2006

Crt monitor working ok
don't know make of cable bought a computer fair from a guy that makes up alsorts.

labelling on cable:-

  erkmatrix 17:05 13 Sep 2006

Could I fix up a portable tv to work with my machine
, maybe that would be easy and save moving the monitor. is that possible

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 13 Sep 2006

TVs are not suitable as monitors (poor picture quality, you would need toconvert the VGA output to RF with a modulator for your TV to read the signal unless you have a TV out on your graphics card?

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