Do MB matter when buying graphics cards?

  CLONNEN 06:44 30 Apr 2006

I want to buy either a ATI Radeon 9600 or 9800 model graphics card.

Should I go for a 9600 Pro with 256mb or a 9800 Pro with 128mb?

Is there any difference performance wise?

The graphics card is going to be installed in a low-spec Packard Bell machine which has approx 128MB of RAM installed in the memory slots.

  €dstowe 08:59 30 Apr 2006

A graphics card with the same amount, or more, memory than the motherboard? You won't show it to its full potential by any means.

You'd be better saving a few pennies more and getting an up-to-date motherboard.

  hzhzhz 09:10 30 Apr 2006

I'm using a 9600 pro 256mb at the moment in a K7S41GX mobo and in order to play the likes of Far Cry just at low settings, I installed 768mb of Ram.

  gudgulf 09:30 30 Apr 2006

You will find little performance difference between those cards on the pc you mention......the cpu and low memory will hamper the 9800 considerably.Even the 9600 will be underperforming on a low end pc.....but by nowhere near as much.

From your previous post click here I understand why you are looking at the two cards you mention.

Now as to onboard graphics memory......128MB will be plenty.The graphics memory is used by the card to store the textures/light maps/bump maps/frame buffers etc it needs to fast access and how much memory is actually used is dependent on the settings used.A low end pc will only be able to play games ar non demanding detail and IQ settings and will not therefore need high levels of onboard RAM.

Having said that with the low RAM amount you have you need to make sure that as much of the video memory use as possible is on the graphics card itself so it might be a good idea to aim for 256MB.

What version of Windows will the pc be using...and what sort of games are you thinking of reviewing on it?

I only ask this as the machine is going to be below the minimum specification for most reasonabley modern games which could give you installation/running problems.

Best for your purpose....9600pro 256MB.

  CLONNEN 11:37 30 Apr 2006

Thanks for all the input - I'll go for the 9600 Pro 256mb model.

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