Do Laptop Power Adapters Make any buzzing noise?

  Killo Bite 00:48 13 Jan 2008

Trying to source the problem on a second hand laptop someone passed on, shame really as externally it looks clean and no marks. I no the HDD is failed but thats all.

Problem is when you power it on using the supplied power apapter I can hear a faint crackling from within. It has a little green light on it and the laptop just powers on for say 3 - 5 seonds & no fans spin then it powers off.

I have tried powering on with no Battery, No HDD, No DVD Wtr being fitted one by one and no change.
I have also replaced the Motherboard CMOS Battery.

The only things left are the power Adpater, Memory damaged when my friend had a go at removing back panels or motherboard failure.

Its a Fujitsu Amillo Laptop.

Re the power adapter buzzing/crackling answer would be a start.

  vitrocmax 01:09 13 Jan 2008

Some adaptors are noisier than others, in my experience (which amounts to about half a dozen!)

I assume the battery is dead, as you mention the problem is one of the laptop not powering up with or without the battery. I had a Fujitsu battery fail after 18months but it ran on the adaptor OK without the battery fitted.

One of my 2 Dell adapters makes a buzzing sound when it is on, but it is not noticeable if it is on the floor when I am working.

A longshot - try connecting a monitor and see if you get anywhere. One of my Dells only powers up if an external monitor is connected. It did exactly the same as yours - HD started, lights flashed on then nothing, it works perfectly with a monitor plugged in. I think it must be something to do with the screen.

It is limiting though, considering a laptop is supposed to be portable.

Good luck with the fault finding.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:37 13 Jan 2008

HD started, lights flashed on then nothing, it works perfectly with a monitor plugged in.

Backlight or invertor failed in screen. click here

Killo Bite
I would be tempted to try another power adaptor they shouldn't crackle.

  Killo Bite 15:27 13 Jan 2008

Both of you give solid advice, excellent link Fruit Bat /\0/\ thanks.

As you now are probably Fruit Bat /\0/\ I like trying to fix things, and I don't givin with this one either so thanks again to both of you for you help, feedback & support.

Best Regards

Killo Bite

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