Do I need to use heatsink paste?

  s99Raj 18:32 12 Feb 2004

I'm about to put a heatsink/fan assembly onto an AMD 2800 processor. The processor has 4 small pads on it onto which the heatsink will sit.

Do I really need to use any of that white heat conducting paste, or will it be OK as it is?
I watched Scott Mueller do this on one of his videos and he didn't bother with the paste. Do the pads conduct heat?

If I should add the paste, whereabouts on the processor should I put it? All over? Just a bit in the middle?

  Djohn 18:38 12 Feb 2004

Yes, use the paste. Very important to do so.

Spread a little on the top of the CPU and spread it evenly to cover the whole surface. You want a nice smooth covering, without any bubbles or gaps and about the same thickness as a piece of 80gm paper. j.

  Djohn 18:41 12 Feb 2004

When I say the top of the CPU. I mean the small square or rectangular piece that stands proud. Do not cove the whole of the Chip. j.

  Mysticnas 18:50 12 Feb 2004

use a credit card (or something similar) to spread the paste.

Spread a little on the heatsink base in one direction then force the creditcard down to scrape it off again. Repeat this in all 4 directions. Doing this makes sure the paste fills any microscopic holes/gaps in the heatsink surface thus insuring good contact.

Make sure you have very clean hands when doing this, you don't want to contaminate anything with greasy/sweaty hands.

apply a thin layer using a credit card on top surface of the CPU only. Maybe you have a stencil to use that came with the heatsink pack?

like djohn says, make sure there's no gaps, air pockets or contaminents of anykind. It's hard to imagine but even a small layer of dust can drasictically effect performance of the cooling system.

  Mysticnas 18:51 12 Feb 2004

don't forget....

DO NOT touch the heatsink base with your fingers, this tends to get grease and other chemicals on the base. You probably won't see them but they will be there.

  clayton 18:53 12 Feb 2004

Have a look here, you dont have to use this brand

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