Do I need VIA USB 1 or USB2 driver please

  Halmer 21:06 15 Jan 2004

The thread that I posted yesterday re my broadband not working properly was prematurely green ticked.

It's failed again tonight despite me downloading a VIA USB driver (USB1) from here.

  Halmer 21:08 15 Jan 2004
  Halmer 21:10 15 Jan 2004

I am not sure which one to download because my PC is about two years old. I downloaded USB 1 and thought that it had solved my problem of the modem not firing up (i.e. no lights on at all) but it hasn't worked agin tonight.

Where can I find out if I need no. 1 or 2 please?

I have XP.

  Halmer 21:13 15 Jan 2004
  winksey 21:13 15 Jan 2004

Are you sure it's not a driver for your modem that you need.

  Halmer 21:18 15 Jan 2004

I've just done what the technical people at Pipex have told me.

  Chegs ® 21:51 15 Jan 2004

I know its hard being offline,but try doing nothing and see if it starts working again.Pipex was who I used for my 1st ADSL connection,and everything worked fine for a few weeks,then I got disconnected (due to a reboot)and couldn't get reconnected for a few hours,then once it was working I noticed www pages taking ages to open and speedtesting the 512 connection produced lousy results.Then,while trying to email the results from the various speedtests to Pipex,it would re/dis-connect every few minutes.I then changed ISP and since then have had one or two returns of the re/dis-connect every few minutes.The 1st one,I was advised to reinstall USB drivers,which seemed to cure it,the second time was right after reboot having restored my hdd with an image(taken whilst I had absolutely no probs for a few mths)I tried alsorts,new/reinstalled drivers for most of my hardware(not just modem,which was PCI)I eventually used "Repair" in XP to cure this irritating prob,then imaged that,but it still kept dropping out from its reinstall.Try "Repair" of XP,then redownload the updates and patches.You could also try SFC /SCANNOW and see if that cures it,although it only worked for a few hours/days on my XP.

  winksey 22:49 15 Jan 2004

click here Have a look here, similar problem you might get something from it.

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