do I need these updates

  march 18:34 17 Feb 2009

just had these two available updates showing ready for download but am new to vista32 & don't know if they are relevant to me I cannot find microsoft Net framework in my programs do I need to download the update?

or Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86

Download size: 17.1 MB - 55.5 MB

and do I really need this next update download?

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - February 2009 (KB890830)

Download size: 9.0 MB

have no idea been on microsofts site but still non the wiser; any explanation about them would be helpful please


  MAJ 18:39 17 Feb 2009

I haven't had any problems with either update, march. There's a whole thread on the subject click here if you wish.

  birdface 18:46 17 Feb 2009

It is advisable to download them all.Maybe download them one at a time or it will take a while.

  gazzaho 18:50 17 Feb 2009

You definitely need the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, anything that helps keep malware at bay is essential.

  gazzaho 18:52 17 Feb 2009

Read this to explain it further click here

  march 18:56 17 Feb 2009

Hello MAJ great you replied

have had a look at the threads there's an awful lot about the Net framework pack!
but I had another look & cant find anything on my pc to do with it so I'm confused. (I bet you already know that from helping me before)

as for the 'Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool' I have spyware removal downloads etc already that's why I dont understand why I would want microsofts!

they dont really explain it very well do they?
am going to have another read on your link & will post back (dont hold your breath I may be some time).


  march 19:00 17 Feb 2009

buteman, gazzaho,

thank you am going to read all post back later


  birdface 19:02 17 Feb 2009

['Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool']it gets rid of the latest Conficker bug so best to download and run it.

  birdface 19:12 17 Feb 2009

Sorry it runs automatically as it is downloaded.

  gazzaho 19:19 17 Feb 2009

Yeah it works every time the update is applied, they reckon it's one of the reasons the Storm botnet was crippled a month or so ago from sending out spam, apparently it cleaned a million or so computers world wide lol.

  march 19:34 17 Feb 2009

gazzaho, buteman, thanks for your replys & explaining what 'Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool' is & what it does

& MAJ - for the links read them again & from all your explanations & advice I know I should download it & update every time
& will be doing so.

so grateful thanks yet again for your time & patience,

still not sure about the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86

as I cant find them in my programs

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