Do I need a serial ATA Controller driver?

  ened 13:40 06 Mar 2008

My board is an Intel D975XBX2.

The machine appears to be working fine and I have no issues.

Except: I was just checking Device Manager and discovered I do not have a controller installed for the sata.

I cannot find the driver on the mobo installation disc and am wondering if I need to bother.

I am enquiring here because I cannot find a driver on the relevent page on the Intel site either.

I currently have 2 Seagate Hdds and DVD Re-writer connected via SATA and, as I have said, am experiencing no problems.

Should I leave well alone or look for the driver?

I need to know where to get said driver from?

  T0SH 14:26 06 Mar 2008

You can get your Intel chipset drivers from here

click here

this will include the SATA driver but if it is working why not leave well alone ?

Cheers HC

  ened 15:18 06 Mar 2008

Well I would like to try to understand it if I can.

As it is working okay what are the drivers needed for?

I built this system myself and therefore would like to know about everything that is going on 'under the bonnet'.

  crosstrainer 15:25 06 Mar 2008

If you have no SATA devices, this feature will be disabled in your BIOS setup.

Since all is well, you do not need to enable it, however if you wish to check enter your BIOS (usually by pressing the DEL key on bootup) And scroll through the options til you find the SATA entry.

If you are unfamiliar with BIOS setups, I would leave it alone.

  ened 16:07 06 Mar 2008

I have three SATA devices connected.

Interestingly during POST a message flashes on the screen stating 'No Hard Drive Detected'. It then boots as normal.

This has always appeared since I first turned it on. It has never bothered me because I have seen similar messages on previous machines which have all run smoothly.

I have not used either of the RAID drivers as I didn't want to use RAID.

Could this be something to do with the exclamation mark in Device Manager?

  crosstrainer 16:23 06 Mar 2008

Where exactly does the yellow exclamation mark appear? Also, what IDE devices do you have connected?

  ened 17:03 06 Mar 2008

Next to Other Devices there is a Question Mark. Click the x and the only 'other device' is the Serial ATA Controller which has the exclamation Mark.

I put a floppy in when I built the machine because I thought I would have to install the RAID drivers but apart from that there are no IDE devices in this machine.

  crosstrainer 17:09 06 Mar 2008

The drivers should have been installed on first installation of your O / S. Having said that, you could use Toshs' post or try windows update.

As I said before, if it's not broken why fix it?

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