Do I need to replace rarely used laptop now xp support has ended?

  ripply 20:52 09 Apr 2014

I use it literally 3 or 4 times a year, just for things I cannot do on the ipad like printing a document or burning a cd. It's too old to upgrade to windows 8 so windows suggest I buy a new laptop but I really can't afford it and it seems silly for something I hardly use but I'm paranoid about viruses etc. It's a Dell Latitude D610. I haven't a clue about technical things so I can't do any DIY on it . I was wondering if it would still be risky to keep using it in this way? Or, is there any way to be able to print from my ipad?

  Nontek 21:01 09 Apr 2014

IMHO you can safely continue to use your 'old' laptop, just because XP support has officially ended, all your programs etc will continue to work as normal. You will still be able to update your Security programs as per usual. I know of people who are still using Win98 simply because it still suits their requirements.

  lotvic 23:07 09 Apr 2014

I shall/am carrying on using my little XP Thinkpad - it can't handle W7 either.

Have got Avast antivirus, Spywareblaster, Malwarebytes, SAS, etc and shall keep them updated. I don't use it for much internet browsing and not at all for banking. Mostly used for pics and watching vids and for the grandkids. I have a backup image (Acronis) so when it gets messed up I can just wipe it and put the clean image on :)) jolly useful.

  wee eddie 16:23 10 Apr 2014

Take it off the Internet forever.

Do a cleanup with CCleaner, then remove all Anti virus and Anti Malwear Programs, and anything else Internet related. Defrag and let, your now quite speedy Lappy, happily serve you for the next few years.

Remember that the Anti virus will need a specific Remover from its own Site.

  iscanut 21:18 10 Apr 2014

I agree with wee eddie. If you do not access the internet, do not have it connected. Unless you allow any unknown docs access to the pc and that it is only your own files you are printing then you should not need to worry about viruses etc. However, if you still need the internet, no need to worry about moving from XP, but just make sure your anti virus and anti malware prgrams are kept updated and keep firewall on.

  ripply 08:28 23 Apr 2014

I will need to access the internet on a very rare occasion as I upload photos to snapfish and have to sign in. I was under the impression that my antivirus would be ineffective now that there are no more updates from windows. Is this not true? I'm really just wondering if the risk of going online with it maybe two or three times a year justifies buying a new laptop. It doesn't seem worth it to me but I've always been careful about security and don't want to make things risky.

  ripply 20:10 23 Apr 2014

I have Microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes at the minute. Is this adequate? I'm wondering if the security essentials will be useless now that updates for xp have ended but I have no idea how to remove it. Could anyone suggest what antivirus is best ?

  iscanut 21:29 23 Apr 2014

I would uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials and use a free Anti Virus such as here free version of malwarebytes is very good but it does not scan in real time. You need to buy the Pro version if you want that, but just keep it updated and run a scan yourself now and again. Uninstal MSE via Control Panel, Add/Remove programs. If you need help on that, start a new thread.


  wee eddie 11:25 25 Apr 2014

I would recommend making Snapfish your home page. If you are visiting no other sites and not doing email, you can then probably manage without an AV as well. But if you plan to visit any other site you should wait until your AV has updated itself before you do

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