Do I need to re-install Vista?

  3gboosterman 21:58 05 Jan 2009

I let my cousin use my computer for a few months and has contracted 2 Trojans from a chinese site called baidu.

Upon pressing the ON button the computer would try and start as usual and then the screen briefly flashes blue then black as if its going to show the desktop,then BLEEPs, and repeats the whole cycle again.

I tried going into the bios and start up with VISTA dvd and did a repair. Then set it back to start up with hard disk. All was well and then everything worked and seems ok.

I took the chance to virus scan the PC and cleaned things up. I then deleted anything related to baidu that i can find.

I even found where the trojans where located and deleted them.

But the PC keeps repeating itself before the windows desktop appears.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?
Do i need to re-install?

Thank you in advance.


  theDarkness 01:30 06 Jan 2009

If everything is connected as it should be then its possible that vital files to run your system in a stable manner may have been damaged or removed, or what infected your system was meant to restart your system constantly in this annoying way. your best bet now may be installing the hard disc onto another pc (thats fully anti virus and trojan protected-make sure the hd is fully scanned before browsing or opening any files on another machine) to try and save any personal files that you may consider important. If theres nothing of importance and cannot get hold of another system then you could always just reformat your hard drive and reinstall windows. if your system was up to date with virus protection and working firewall previously, and your cousin is no beginner, i wouldve been onto him to find out just what questionable websites he was browsing to or what he was downloading on my pc. you may still be able to find out of course if you can browse the same hard drive on another machine, checking out browsing and program history-best of luck.
Baidu is a china search engine, similar to google click here and just like google, according to the guardian, may link to often questionable websites. the chinese government wants to control it no doubt. I hope you get your computer sorted click here

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