Do I need to re install op system again?

  jules_77 04:32 05 Nov 2008

I'll try not to be long winded. A few months ago having trouble with booting my dell laptop i ran diagnostics and got a hard drive error message. Dell support, after trying a couple of things that didn't work said i would have to re install op system & if i still had error message would probably need a new hard drive. I backed up all my data, this took a while as I'm not too well. I did the factory reinstall, on this Inspiron it is part of the hard drive 4-5 gig worth,and it runs a lot better (I think because the hard drive is virtually empty now!) but when I ran the diagnostics the same error message is there. When I contacted Dell they have advised that I now need to re install from disc. As I have never had a disc I was surprised. Anyway, they sent me one. This actually has printed on it, 'already installed on your computer.'
My point is this, the warranty is due to expire so I don't want to ignore a potential fault but as it takes ages to reinstall & download updates etc which I'm not well enough to do in one hit, do I need to do that? Isn't it just the same as the 'factory fresh' I've already done? I have asked Dell twice why I need to do it again and I just get the response that 'I need to co-operate'!! I would be very grateful for any advice you can give. Thanks.

  ^wave^ 08:40 05 Nov 2008

what is the error message. in theory you have just done a reinstall but doing from a cd may reformat the drive i really dont know if it will or not but it is one reason to run from a cd. that why it would be nice to see the message
most fault finding takes on procedure which is what dell are following i am sure that the next step will be to replace the hard drive

  jules_77 08:56 05 Nov 2008

Thank you for response. The error message is

PSA 1000-0146
DST Log contains previous error(s

which didn't seem too serious but the reaction from Dell seemed to suggest that it was.

  ventanas 09:14 05 Nov 2008

click here

Looks like that's the code for hard drive failure.

As you now have the disc you could install any laptop hard drive, it doesn't have to come from Dell. You should also have a second disc containing all the drivers etc.

But if it's still under warranty Dell should sort it.

  ventanas 09:22 05 Nov 2008

From you post Dell have already stated that if the reinstall didn't work you would probably need a new drive. I would now point this out to them. be polite but firm. I think the time for co-operation is over and you need some support.

  jules_77 13:08 05 Nov 2008

Thank you all so much. The one time a dell engineer came out (to change the motherboard) he was brilliant but the custoer service is like trying to get blood out of a stone, i have next business day cover but that seems meaningess. I'll go back to them more confident in my requests/demands.
Thank you again.

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