Do I need a PCI Network Card?

  Gigs 14:04 13 Mar 2005

I am in the process of getting together the bits and pieces to share broadband on my desktop and my wife's laptop.
I,m not sure if I need a PCI card for my desktop to connect the modem/router to.
At the moment I have a Thompson Speedtouch modem plugged in to the tower. Will the modem/router use that socket or do I need the card?



  FelixTCat 14:18 13 Mar 2005

Your existing modem use a USB connection. If you are going to buy a modem/router or a wireless modem/router, you may be able to find one with a USB connection. However, all have ethernet connectors, so it would make sense to have an ethernet port on the pc.

Before buying, do check to make sure you haven't already got one; most pcs sold in the last year or so have them built-in.

  Gigs 17:50 13 Mar 2005

Thank you for that info. I forgot to say that my computer is about three years old now so I don't think it has an ethernet port. Still, looking at the price of a card it shouldn't be too expensive.

Since my last posting I have bought a Belkin modem/router. Is there any particular net card I should buy or will any of them do?

Thanks again


  Chezdez 18:01 13 Mar 2005

I'd suggest sticking with Belkin, they seem to be a pretty good make (no personal experiance with them, but people on here seem to like them)

does the router/modem have a switch built in?

or are you feeding computer B's internet through computer A? (computer A being the one that the internet is going into). if so, you will need two network cards in computer A, one for the internet going in, and one going out to the computer B, which also needs a networking. additionally, computer A will need to be on to let computer B on the net. overall, 3 network cards. unless (theres a lot of them with networking) the router has USB connection on it, in which case it can go into computer A via USB, then you only need two network cards

if the router/modem has a switch, then you need one network card in each computer, and straight through (568B) cables between the router and PC's

hope that helps

  Gigs 18:19 13 Mar 2005

Bit new to all this. My intentions are, I hope, as follows.

My desktop is computer 1 which already has broadband. I was going to put a network card into that into which the modem/router will plug and be permanently wired.
My wife's laptop, computer 2, will have a Belkin USB wireless adapter which I assumed would be enough.
I also understand that either computer will be able to access the internet without the other being switched on.

Have I got that right or am I missing something?



  Chezdez 18:30 13 Mar 2005


your going wireless! you never mentioned that :P

as long as the router is wireless, then yes, all you will need is a wireless network adapter in your wifes laptop

so no, your not missing anything

however, i won't be suprised if you end up back here needing help setting it up, wireless usually brings up problems for some reason

good luck anyway! you might be a lucky one!

  Gigs 18:38 13 Mar 2005

Thanks for that.

Appreciate your help. Hope I'm lucky, it all looks good on paper!!


  phono 20:32 13 Mar 2005

You don't have to go wireless to do what you want, if you wish to save some money you can go for a wired network, I use one myself because my house was pre-wired with the required Cat 5 cabling.

For my network I have a Netgear DG834 modem/router which has a built in true SPI hardware firewall. Each computer in the network plugs into the router using a Cat 5 cable via a NIC (Network Interface Card. The DG834 acts as a gateway to the Internet and is permanently on, thus any computer can access the Internet without requiring any other computer to be switched on.

If you prefer wireless there are some good deals to be had on the Netgear DG834G wireless modem/router, which allows the option of networking via wired and/or wireless connections.

Before you ask, I don't work for Netgear, I have been using their products for years and find them excellent, both quality and price wise, I am sure, however, there are products from other manufacturers that work just as well, if not better.

  Gary7 20:34 13 Mar 2005

Gigs - of course you need a network card or connection on every PC (most MB's come with a network connection). You'll connect the modem to the router WAN port, then split out from it to your PC's. Then do a bit of software configuration and you'll get the PCs to talk to each other, share printers, share folders etc. There is plenty of info available on the I'net on networking.

  Gigs 21:10 13 Mar 2005

Thank you for your advice, it's certainly something else to think about.

Thanks also for your help. Looks like I've got my hands full setting this lot up.

The things we do to maintain peace and harmony (sigh)

Thanks again


  Forum Editor 00:19 14 Mar 2005

Setting up your wireless router ) I notice you've already bought a Belkin) will be a fairly straightforward process, as will be the process of installing your PCI LAN card and your wife's wireless USB adapter. Just make sure that you install the software for that adapter before you plug in the device.

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