'do i need a new psu?2'

  JoanSims 14:23 02 Sep 2007

'do i need a new psu?'

Hi,, Sorry just noticed original thread was now resolved sooooooo.. All you chaps sounded very knowledgable about power supply units vis a vis purchasing a new graphics card... Can anyone help me to tell what the power of my unit is please?.. Is it written on it somewhere or is it displayed somewhere on "My Computer"??... Also I read on the internet that some graphics cards need to have secondary power (molex?) connections (two in some cases)and that I am likely to have a couple of these spare somewhere inside the cabinet... Any advice would be much appreciated please... Also a recommendation of a goodish graphics card would be great too.. I've been thinking about a (AGP) Radeon x1950pro.... Total and complete absolute beginner

  woodchip 16:22 02 Sep 2007

You have to take at lest the left panel off the tower, psu is at the top back. box with all the wires coming from it. it will say on that box some where. may be on the top. if it is you have to remove four screws from arround the fan at the back to let it come lose. you can then see on top forWatts. You need in todays world something in the order of 550 to 650 watts for graphisc and gaming computers

  JoanSims 21:24 02 Sep 2007

Thanks for that... had a look at the power supply as you suggested and it is an 'Eagle 400w' unit.. Would I be able to get away with one of that wattage do you think??

  skidzy 21:58 02 Sep 2007

Preferably go for a branded model of at least 500watt Joan.

I have fitted several of these now and find them extremely reliable in a basic use pc click here though if you are going to fit top end graphics cards etc,go for something branded.click here

  Totally-braindead 15:54 03 Sep 2007

Never heard of Eagle so its probably a cheap brand I think its borderline considering that you are proposing getting a x1950pro which is one of the best AGP graphics cards you can get. I personally would want at least a 500watt branded one as well.

Look at it this way, if you buy say a 550 or 600 watt branded power supply you can keep it and use it on your next PC if you wish so its not wasted if you get what I mean.

  Arnie 16:15 03 Sep 2007

If you have a flatbed scanner, before fitting any newly purchased equipment, scan the product’s info label.
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  woodchip 19:00 03 Sep 2007

As above at lest a 550Watt PSU more is better as it will then cope with extra hardware you may fit later

  JoanSims 00:01 05 Sep 2007

Thankyou for all the essential help and advice... I've been splashing out a bit.. I bought a Extra Value 650W Modular 12cm Fan PSU - 20+4pin 4/8pin ATX12V, PCI-E, 3x SATA from Ebuyer for £33.Do you think it will be compatible with a Asus P4S800 agp motherboard?...also purchased a agp Sapphire x1950pro 512mb for £139 AArghhhh!.. What do you think?? My logic was that it will probably be the last update I can make on our pc before I need a new one in a few years time. You never know I might get a few bob for my old gfx card off Ebay as well... JoanSims

  citadel 10:12 06 Sep 2007

download your motherboard manual from asus, this will show all the layout of the board. You will probably only use 20 pins on the motherboard connector, it clips apart and you tuck the 4 pin piece out of the way. the psu is ok.

  JoanSims 11:21 06 Sep 2007

Many thanks.. I would still have been undecided without your help..Regards

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