dave547 22:28 19 Nov 2006

I have just purchased a new laptop running windows xp home,and wish to run copy on my home pc, running windows me,or do i have to buy a new upgrade.

  mammak 22:34 19 Nov 2006

Yes you do you can't run a copy that would be Illegal, for your home pc buy an upgrde to XP Home it should not cost the earth, good luck and regards.

  User-312386 22:35 19 Nov 2006


  spuds 22:36 19 Nov 2006

If you mean, running the same copy of XP Home that is used on the new laptop of XP Home, on another computer at the sdame time, the answer is no.

  User-312386 22:39 19 Nov 2006

Yes you do

  mammak 22:42 19 Nov 2006

i think that is what dave547 means he would have to buy an upgrade for his ME PC.

PS. dave 547 you cant run your new Windows cd on your old PC.

  spuds 22:43 19 Nov 2006

Sorry. Just composing the above, and accidentally clicked send.


If you mean, using the same copy of XP home, on both the laptop and home computer. Then the answer is no, you must have two separate copies.

  dave547 22:48 19 Nov 2006


  mammak 22:48 19 Nov 2006

Surely on his ME PC an upgrade would do it ? I have had nothing to do with ME so I shouldn't really comment does it upgrade to XP Home??.

  bjh 09:43 20 Nov 2006

.... However, you need to think whether an upgrade is worth it. Will your older PC cope with the heavier demands of XP? It isn't always worth upgrading the operating system unless you have a fairly specific reason to do so.

  spuds 12:46 20 Nov 2006

Apologies again. Just me getting confused as per original intentions and wording.

To do an upgrade from WME to XP Home can be done, using a separate disk, to that what as been supplied for the laptop (same disk cannot be used on two computers, re Microsoft terms and conditions). Purchasing an 'upgrade' disk is not wise. Best to use a 'full' OEM or retail disk, purchased from somewhere like Ebuyer or Novatech, due to value for money, and ease of purchase.

As stated above. Depending on the specifications of the home PC, you will find XP is more hungry for resources than WME. Most likely your computer will be OK, but I would check before you attempt to make any changes.Remember also, then when you upgrade, you may well lose previous work and programs already installed. Make sure that you have pre-installed programs and driver disks or access to essential downloads available, just in case.

Apologies to everyone once again, for confusing the issues. Prescribed painkillers, tiredness and temperamental keyboard/computer, do not make a good combination for possible help and advice giving. I'll get my coat now. :O(

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