Do I need a new graphics card

  mags65 17:00 30 Oct 2007

Hi, I am having major problem running some of the more recent games on my PC. For example;
MOH airborne and also ghost recon advanced warfighter. Airborne wouldn't start at all, I'm guessing because (I found this out later)my GC didn't support shader model 3.0. GRAW starts but the screen is black and all i can see are shadow outlines.
My PC specs are
P4 3.016
gigabyte ga-8ipe1000-g motherboard with 5 pci slots and 1 agp slot
graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE (256 MB)
1 gb memory
200gb hard drive

Question is can i get an agp graphics card that will allow me to play the newer games or will i have to upgrade the motherboard as well so that i can get a pci express graphics card.
I really didn't want to go to all the bother if i can avoid it. thanks in advance for all replies

  crosstrainer 17:05 30 Oct 2007

Is very old hat now I'm afraid. The money you would spend on a higher end agp card would be better saved towards a mobo with pcie support.

  keef66 17:14 30 Oct 2007

You can still get pretty powerful AGP graphics cards, but they are more expensive than their PCI-express counterparts. I'd tend to agree with Crosstrainer, unless money is very tight. Also be aware that you'll probably need a bigger / better psu to run a better card

  GaT7 17:15 30 Oct 2007

For the short term...

If you have a budget of around £95 (click here) go for an AGP X1950Pro. Anything higher & your CPU could be a bottleneck.

The lowest you should go for is an AGP 7600GT for £58 (click here).

More alternatives in this recent thread click here (see post on Mon, [email protected]:26).

For the long term, depending on the games to be played & budget, you may have to have a major overhaul.

What's your power supply (PSU) make/model & wattage? G

P.S. GPU benchmark comparison list: click here

  citadel 17:29 30 Oct 2007

le editions of cards are not much good, known by gamers as "losers editions" even the 7600 gt will give you a good boost.

  GaT7 17:31 30 Oct 2007

"The money you would spend on a higher end agp card would be better saved towards a mobo with pcie support."

But he/she still needs a PCI-E graphics card! And this would not only mean a new motherboard, but a also a NEW processor (possibly) + PCI-E graphics card + RAM (possibly) = a lot of money.

I say 'possibly' because one can get a socket 478 motherboard with PCI-E & old DDR RAM support (as detailed in this thread click here), but is it really worth it? He/she will be better off changing the lot instead. G

  GaT7 17:39 30 Oct 2007

Just realised if you use Google Checkout at eBuyer you get £10 off click here. G

  Armchair 18:03 30 Oct 2007

DO NOT buy the £58 Point of View 7600GT as linked to earlier! It only has DDR2 VRAM!

click here

AVOID! lol

Yeah, an AGP X1950 Pro, or a 7900GS/7950 GT would be a good idea. If you can find one at an affordable price, and your power supply is up to the job. Otherwise, a DDR3 7600GT would be your best bet.

  umbongo(uk) 19:01 30 Oct 2007

two offerings
if you plan to stick with your current system and have a 400watt power supply .before an upgrade

click here
or the 7600gt ddr3 version , both cards are neck n neck with one beating the other depending on game
this is a good balance as youll still be able to play upcoming titles till you throw the towel in and move up

like the other have said above the 1950 and 7950 if you have the cash and arnt bothered and wish to stick with your comp, but remember a 500watt psu is advised
dont think theyll ever make a faster card for agp
youll still have a decent gaming rig as both the cards beat the mid range ones and will play anything thrown at them but the cpu may be a bottleneck

both will run all games to date
including crysis on your system 1024x748 setting
i would get another 1 gb of ram as future games are using it more and crysis benefits from it

this is if you happy sticking to your current system for a while longer

id go with an inbetween then you can still play wile you save for the next computer . as price,s are faliing all the time with new parts being made

  Armchair 19:12 30 Oct 2007

RE. Crysis (demo.). I ran it at 1024 x 768, all Medium settings, no AA, with this system:-

P4 2.66 socket 478
1GB PC2700
AGP 7900GS (yes, I got it to work alright!)

and achieved a miserable frame rate of between 5 and 17 fps (measured using FRAPS). Alright, the game proper might run better, but don't expect miracles from any AGP card you buy.

  GaT7 19:24 30 Oct 2007

umbongo(uk), the card you linked to is a PCI-E - an inadvertent mistake I'm sure!

I'd get a X1650XT if possible (instead of the Pro), as it is closer to a 7600GT's performance - click here. G

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