do i need more than 11 mbps?

  Viv-208691 21:23 02 Mar 2004

I'm considering setting up a wireless network in my home, all i want to do is share and possibly play network games. Will i need to buy anything faster than 11mbps or will this surfice? Will i regret not getting a faster rate network in a year or so?-should i make my equipment future proof or in this particular scenario does it nor really matter??

Please help me!


  Gaz 25 21:39 02 Mar 2004

In wouldnt have thought so.

  Viv-208691 21:41 02 Mar 2004

so there wont be new products requiring speeds like 54mbps in a year or 2 you (or anyone else!!) dont think??

Thanks for the help

  duckers 21:43 02 Mar 2004

I would pay a couple of extra quid and get the 802.11g kit, theres not that much difference in price now.
The speed of your computers connection to a network is not limited by the network hardware itself but actually by your PC's ISA bus speed, your PC can not transmit data at the same speed your network can handle, however if your running more than one computer at a time transferring lots of data the 11mbps might limit you..

  Viv-208691 21:49 02 Mar 2004

thanks. Excuse my ignorance, but is the 802.11g kit 54mbps or is it available at 22mbps?? we could be using broadband at one time on 1-4 pcs/laptops.-is this enough to slow the broadband down or would other data have to be transfered too at the same time??


  Viv-208691 22:11 02 Mar 2004

???please??? help me someone please!!...

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