Do I need a graphics update

  premier man 11:16 15 Jan 2008

My PC keeps crashing when using the web for no particular reason,
it goes into jumbled up lines and I have to reboot,after rebooting I also have to change screen resolution,
would this mean the graphic card is not powerful enough ??
Where do I find the imformation on the PC ??
Regards gordie

  Technotiger 11:20 15 Jan 2008

Hmm, we need a bit more information - what OS, what size graphics (card, or on-board), what Power is your PSU - how old is everything?

  Technotiger 11:21 15 Jan 2008

Ooops - what size graphics - should read 'what type graphics' .....

  premier man 12:02 15 Jan 2008

Hello Technotiger
thanks it is a evesham PC 18months old,Windoss XP Home
AMD ATHLON64 Processor 3000+ RADEON 955O
Is this any help,not sure where to find any more imfo
regards gordie

  keef66 12:12 15 Jan 2008

is it still under warranty with Evesham? If so, give them a call.

Using the web isn't challenging for a graphics card; yours is the Radeon 9550 in your info above, and should be fine if it's working properly, but your description of a corrupted display makes me think it isn't.

Can you have a look in device manager under Display to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks next to anything?

(R click My Computer / manage / device manager)

  Technotiger 12:25 15 Jan 2008

You did not mention the PSU - it is important to know what Power the PSU is. Unfortunately it is necessary to remove side-panel of PC to see/get at PSU - if you are lucky, the label giving all the details will be visible on the side of the PSU, however, in my experience most times the label is on the top of the PSU which means having to partially remove PSU from case in order to be able to read it.
Not difficult, just a pain in the butt!

If you do need to partially remove PSU, be sure to have everything switched off, and earth yourself first by touching a metal part of the PC case.

If the label is on the side of the PSU, you only need to remove the side-panel without touching anything else.

  premier man 12:51 15 Jan 2008

thanks I checked device manager,no exclamation marks,out of warranty,im afraid,also rather reluctant to ring as they have changed management.

thanks again,I will check the PSU,
Is there any other way of finding out apart from the way you suggested ?
regards gordie

  keef66 13:28 15 Jan 2008

not really; they always seem to put the information in a place you can only read by removing the thing from the case.

Maybe if you have an acrylic see-through case...

  keef66 13:29 15 Jan 2008

Presumably it worked OK while under warranty?

  premier man 14:33 15 Jan 2008

you must excuse my ignorance on this,
I took side off and without knowing where to look, the only label Icould find was one marked RADEON 9550SE 125MB (64BIT) DDR
probably no help at all!!
regards gordie

  rickd 15:02 15 Jan 2008

The psu is the metal box with all the wires that the wall plug lead goes into, if that helps! It will say the output in watts.

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