Do I need a Firewire Card in a new computer, or should I fix my old one?

  Roystonred 16:09 03 Jan 2012

I have an Acer Computer which on the front is listed as a T135-T970 with 80GB HDD and 512 MB DDR Ram, the properties show that it has an AMD Sempron processor 3100+ It also shows 1.81GHz and 448 MB Ram. I suspect that it does not have an 80GB HDD as the C disc capacitiy under properties shows as 35.5GB. As I sometimes upload videos from my old 8mm camcoorder for editing, I had a firewire card fitted and use a Canopus ADVC-55 device to convert to a digital input. I use a windows XP operating system. My computer is now very slow, sometimes freezes, and sometimes has to be switched off and on again to 'unfreeze' it. I tried having XP reinstalled and this proved to be a waste of time. I have thought about purchasing a new computer, but can't find out if they come with a firewire card, or the equivilent already fitted (the Canopus does not use USB connectors and I don't know if you can purchase adaptors). I asked one supplier if there was capacity to fit a firewire card, they said yes but if I did the 2 year guarantee, would be invalidated. So my question (sorry to take so long about getting to the point) is do modern computers have the equivilent of a firewire card fitted and if so how can I connect my Canopus to it. Or would I be better of trying to get my present computer upgraded and sorted out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  difarn 07:31 04 Jan 2012

This article may help you. Seems like a bit of a threat from the possible supplier of a new PC that it would invalidate the guarantee - you could think about having one built by an independent company and then you can have what you want. Looking at the cost of some firewire cards they are about £145 which would probably be better spent on a new, purpose built PC to your own specifications.

You have to weigh this up against upgrading your present PC.

  ams4127 16:54 04 Jan 2012

There is nothing to stop you removing your firewire card from your computer and installing it in your new one.

If you intend doing a lot of video work then I would say that your current machine will struggle. Most new machines will have an option for a firewire connection. Whether these will be actually wired up or not, depends on the manufacturer.

I fitted a firwire card to my machine last year. I got it from Amazon and the cost was £6.97. It even included a Sony lead in the kit!! Took all of ten minutes to fit and works perfectly.

With most manufacturers, fitting a firewire card will not invalidate your guarantee. But, I would contact them first if only out of courtesy.

  difarn 17:19 04 Jan 2012

Think I was looking at the price of expensive expansion cards - Amazon does indeed have a range of inexpensive firewire cards.

  Roystonred 19:15 04 Jan 2012

Thanks very much for the information, I have contacted the Head Office of the Company which said they would withdraw the guarantee on a Computer if a firewire card was fitted, and am at present waiting for an answer. Obviously if its negative I will buy a Computer elsewhere.

  ams4127 20:36 04 Jan 2012

While you are at it, why not ask them to fit a firewire card during the build process? If they say they will, and tell you it will cost anything over £10, I would inform them that they can stick their machine "where the sun don't shine", and pick a different manufacturer.

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