Do I need to bother with the latest Nvidia driver?

  Halmer 09:31 26 Sep 2008

Given that the latest download from the Nvidia site is 120MB and I don't use my XP PC for gaming is there actually any need for me to upgrade to the latest version?



  johndrew 09:36 26 Sep 2008

If your PC is running fine then there is no need to upgrade. Often upgrades are related to other factors which may not be of any specific value to an individual. They may, sometimes, also cause problems in themselves.

Old adage, " If it aint broke, don`t fix it".

  iscanut 09:38 26 Sep 2008

Totally agree with johndrew, don't bother especially if you are not a "gamer" and your system is fine without the upgrade.

  wolfie3000 11:18 26 Sep 2008

If i were you i wouldn't bother,
Most gamers update there graphics card drivers as soon as a new updates released but for the ordinary pc user it isn't necessary.

Some cases it can actually cause more problems than it fixes.

Iv updated today with no issues, but for some other users there might be a few glitches.

  Technotiger 11:34 26 Sep 2008

I also have a Nvidia card - but I am not bothering with the update, as the man says "if it aint broke, don't fix it".

  €dstowe 14:27 26 Sep 2008

So much damage is caused by unnecessary tinkering about. If your machine is working to your satisfaction, leave it alone.

Computer forums are full of desperate questions about disasters caused by updating this, that and the other driver of software version and ending up with a machine that performs worse than it did before the "upgrade" or doesn't work at all.

  sunny staines 16:31 26 Sep 2008

i have just installed nvidia 178.13 for vista 32bit english version went ok and installed over the top of the previous one. in fact its the only nvidia driver to install on vista without causing me problems.

used nvidia web site for download.

  blanco 18:44 26 Sep 2008

I just, a few minutes ago, downloaded and installed from File Hippo with no problems whatsoever.

  skidzy 18:48 26 Sep 2008

As said,leave it alone.
No need to try and break something ! :-)) and tinkering with drivers can be a messy experience especially for no apparent reason to update.

  Andsome 18:52 26 Sep 2008

I agree with all those above who say if it ain't broke don't fix it. I have NEVER upgraded a driver, and everything runs perfectly.

  Halmer 19:11 26 Sep 2008

just wondered if there may be any security fixes for example. Everywhere I read it says that you should always have the latest drivers.

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