Do I need a BIOS upgrade

  2stroketim 20:58 16 Feb 2009

I have a fairly old Time PC with 512 mb ram.
Bought x2 1 gig memory sticks however the pc didn't recognise the memory, blank pc when turning it back on.. Contacted the company who I bought the memory off and they suggested putting in one stick at a time, still no joy. Now they have suggested I need a BIOS upgrade:

Is this correct ?

Details of the pc below

The motherboard is a MSI (Micro Star) MS-6382
System Model 8366-8233
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD ~1665 Mhz
AMD Athlon (tm) XP 2000+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.7GHz
BIOS Version/Date Award Software International, Inc. v. 6.00 PG, 14/05/2002
SMBIOS Version 2.2


  MAJ 21:03 16 Feb 2009

This should be the correct memory for that board. click here

  martjc 21:07 16 Feb 2009, no, no, BIOS update not required - they are just trying to sell you the wrong memory. Follow the advice of MAJ - Can't go wrong with Crucial!

  2stroketim 08:50 17 Feb 2009

Mmmmm - It was Crucial who I bought the memory from and told me I need a BIOS upgrade. I'm at work but I'll check what memory they send me tonight.

  2stroketim 19:48 17 Feb 2009

Ok - the memory crucial have sent me is the same as what MAJ recommended, therefore should I still require a BIOS upgrade or maybe both stick are faulty. If I do require a BIOS upgrade can someone kindly post a link, been on google however not sure if I have the later ver or not.

  MAJ 19:56 17 Feb 2009

Before trying a BIOS update, if there is one. Have you tried the old 512MB memory module back in, to see if the PC boots with only that module?

  2stroketim 20:02 17 Feb 2009

Hi, yes and that works fine, I've also tried the new memory sticks one at a time and still nothing.

  MAJ 20:30 17 Feb 2009

To be truthful, I haven't seen a BIOS update newer than the one you have, 2stroketim (mind you, I haven't really looked yet). I think that as your PC is so old, it wont recognise a module of 1GB in size, hence Crucial say to update the BIOS. Which model of Tiny PC do you have?

  Quiller. 20:48 17 Feb 2009

sent you high density ram. Check the code numbers on the ram.

Your motherboard requires low density ram, if crucial have sent high, send it back.

  2stroketim 20:49 17 Feb 2009

Here you go, thanks

Motherboard MSI (Micro Star) MS-6382
System Model 8366-8233

  MAJ 21:02 17 Feb 2009

No I don't see an update for your BIOs, 2stroketim. click here

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