do i need a bigger power supply

  da vej 14:30 06 Jan 2005

I have just build a new pc around a amd 64 3000 and lanparty mobo and a 5900 geforce. it all boots ok and i can surf the net etc but if i start to play games it will freeze/crash reset to desktop if im lucky. i have reused my old 300w psu in my new case, which now has 4 led fans and 4 ide devices and 3d card attached. i suspect the psu carnt cope with the amount of current drawn . thanks in adv

  961 14:43 06 Jan 2005

Yep, you've got it. 300w is not enough

Alternatives at this stage are to disengage some of this stuff (do you really need 4 fans plus the one in the psu?) or buy a new psu around 400/450w

Most systems don't need more than 1 extract fan plus the one on the processor and the one in the psu

Try that config and see what temp the processor is running at

  Graham ® 14:44 06 Jan 2005

I think 300W is nowhere near enough, go for a good make at 500W. There is a calculator, but it seems to be offline at the moment:

click here

  pj123 14:49 06 Jan 2005

Just rung my friend who is now building AMD 64 Systems.

He said minimum power unit is 350w but he fits 400w PSUs. So anything above 350w should be OK.

  BurrWalnut 15:45 06 Jan 2005

It's not the total output (400 watts should be sufficient) that's important but the amps on each of the rails. You need at least 28amp on the plus3.3v, 35amp on the plus5v, 16amp on the plus12v and 1amp on the minus12v.

  Xevious 15:59 06 Jan 2005

how do you get to those figures? i'm not questioning you, but would like to know how you decide what the values should be. always wanted to know this! (but never asked!)


  BurrWalnut 16:35 06 Jan 2005

These figures were quoted to me by my brother who is a test engineer at IBM in the USA. Naturally, I quote them as though I have some great knowledge on the subject. I haven't looked but I would guess that a bit of Googling would come up with the formula(e).

Another good test of a PSU is its weight. If the stickers are missing and it feels and looks flimsy, avoid it.

  Xevious 09:19 07 Jan 2005

that's a fair point. and if it costs around £5, avoid it like the plague!!! (such as ebuyer specials!)

  gobi 09:37 07 Jan 2005

Agreed with BurrWalnut on the rails' ampereage, especially the 12v rail. Look for at least 16A for a basic 64bit system or more since you got the NVidia gc (they tend to require more power than ATi counterpart). And especially as you got 4 ide in your pc, you need a very good power supply. Would suggest Enermax, or Antec brand power supply. Some cheap power supply overrated their product.

  Graham ® 10:01 07 Jan 2005

The figures you quote are enormous amounts of current. I think they should be Watts :-)

  Xevious 10:05 07 Jan 2005

should be whats? lol

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