Do i need a better modem, or a router, im clueless

  jon_hoggy 12:55 19 Apr 2007

Hi folks after some advise please.
I'm simply wanting a better modem (i think).
I currently have an external USB modem and my internet provider has just upped me to 8mbps broadband.
I currently connect my XBOX360 into the computer and use a shared connection to play Xbox live.
This isnt a great connection therefore i need to buy something that i can connect my pc to
and run a seperate connection for the Xbox, maybe via ethernet ?
As you can tell im pretty clueless, but if you can recommend me some hardware or offer tips
that would be great, cheers.

  rodriguez 13:18 19 Apr 2007

You can take the modem and swap it for a router. A router will have an Ethernet port into the back which you plug in your Xbox 360 and you can use either a USB or another Ethernet socket to plug the router into your PC. The router will connect to the Internet as normal, you just might need your connection username and password from your ISP and put that in it before it puts you online.

  CLONNEN 13:21 19 Apr 2007

Sounds like you need a router/modem/hub thing, plug ethernet cables into the router's ports (1 cable from computer, 1 cable for Xbox) - then both would be able to use broadband (ie. you wouldn't need the computer to be switched on while using the Xbox on the internet).

Netgear have quite an easy setup on their routers so they are good for beginners. Or try Linksys.

  jon_hoggy 13:42 19 Apr 2007


something like this ?

click here

Is it better that i connect the pc via ethernet or is USB just as reliable ?

Also do i need to find one that quotes it will handle my connection speed (8mbps) ?

  oldbeefer2 14:14 19 Apr 2007

jo_hoggy. That is just a modem. Tyou would be better off with a modem/router. There are lost around quite cheaply. I have had several. The best so far is my current one, a Speedtouch 546. £15 off ebay - more if you buy new. It has been the most stable that I have used so far. Connection via ethernet, which is the fastest way.

  Dipso 14:36 19 Apr 2007

Always use ethernet over USB if at all possible. The Speedtouch 546 is a good choice or why not go wireless with the 585. The Netgear DG834 wired/DG834G wireless is also popular and easy to set up.

click here? is a good source of B-grade modem/routers. All the above are available at ery reasonalbe prices.

Just to re-iterate...make sure you buy a modem/router, not just a router.

  Stuartli 15:32 19 Apr 2007

>>Always use ethernet over USB if at all possible.>>

I realise what you mean, but it's slightly confusing.

You mean Ethernet in preference to USB if possible i.e. an RJ45 cable connection from the modem router to the computer system.

  jon_hoggy 17:21 19 Apr 2007

cheers, so what is the difference ? ie the modem i highlighted has ethernet and usb connections, what advantages does a router give ? will it be faster ? thanks again

  Stuartli 17:45 19 Apr 2007

More stable and you won't have to install drivers.

If you buy one that's capable of up to ADSL2+ then you will also be futureproof for some time to come - USB modems are basically only for up to 8MB.

  Dipso 21:28 19 Apr 2007

"You mean Ethernet in preference to USB if possible i.e. an RJ45 cable connection from the modem router to the computer system."

Not wishing to seem pedantic but I would connect it to the network card on the PC/laptop.

  Stuartli 23:50 19 Apr 2007

My comments are based on the fact that my motherboard has a built-in LAN connection...:-)

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