Do I need to Backup

  ripply 14:35 10 May 2013

Hi, I've been reading a lot about how important it is to back up my laptop but I'm a bit unsure if it is really necessary. I understand people who have lots of photo's/important documents etc would do this. I have an old second hand laptop and I can't think of anything I would want to retrieve from it if it crashed/was stolen etc. I only use it for emails, general browsing and grocery shopping online and I do not store photos or anything on it. Is it still important for me to do back-up's? Is there some kind of security issue if I don't? Sorry if this sounds daft but I'm useless with computer stuff.

  Forum Editor 16:48 10 May 2013

Is it still important for me to do back-up's?

You've answerd your own question really, when you said "I can't think of anything I would want to retrieve from it if it crashed/was stolen etc."

If you're sure about that, particularly with regard to emails (and email addresses) then no, there's no need for a backup. Windows will make automatic backups of your computer's registry settings at regular intervals, so you could restore one of those if you hit problems. It won't backup emails or any other form of data files however, and if you install any new software it will disappear if you use a restore point that was prior to the installation date.

If you have the original Windows installation disk, and the installation disks for any software you've installed you would be able to get the computer up and running again if the worst happened. If you don't have the to think about making a disk image, so you could restore the computer to its present state.

Does that help?

  ripply 08:04 11 May 2013

Yes, Thank you. Though I'm still a bit confused about the e-mails. I have had my email address for over a decade and previously have always checked it on public computers and friends houses. I've just recently got my own computer. Without backups, would my email be affected/wiped or could I still check it by logging in on other computers?

  onthelimit1 09:45 11 May 2013

If you access your emails from your ISPs server, there they stay. It's only if you use something like Outlook Express where they're stored on your computer. If you've been able to access them from other computers, then you're fine, you will still be able to do that following a crash of your own laptop.

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