Do i need any more hardwarehere ? pc to laptop.

  grabster 18:18 26 Dec 2006

Hi there, today i got an advent 7109a for the wife, a d-link wireless 108g mimo desktop adapter which is now installed into the main desktop pc.
They can both see each other but thats it,no web sharing or accessing other pc at all, no permissions granted by the master pc which i am unable to change for some reason.

Do i really need a router or am i missing something here ?

First of all check that there is no firewall blocking them from doing this (temporerily disable it if you have to).

Then go to control panel and use the Network Setup Wizard and configure each computer accordingly, ensuring that you give both computers the same workgroup name.

Once this is done and you have restarted both machines, if you go to my network places they should be able to see each other and share files.

  grabster 20:17 26 Dec 2006

Looks like ive twiddled so much that now the wireless connection is no longer connected, boy is this giving me a headache...
is there such a thing as an idiot proof guide to what i am trying to do ?

  Strawballs 20:23 26 Dec 2006
  grabster 20:33 26 Dec 2006

Thanks for the link Strawballs, just had a quick glimpse and it looks like what i need to know is in their.
I have had enough for today and tomorrow,while im out fishing my egg head daughter can try the tricky stuff.


  Strawballs 20:36 26 Dec 2006

With a bit of luck by the time you get back from fishing everything will be working

  grabster 20:54 26 Dec 2006

Jeepers i hope so . . .

I was trying to make the exact same setup as you just 2 weeks ago. I looked at the same link given by strawballs but to no avail (it just seems to place your network as the preferred one rather than actually hosting it).

I found it easier to host the ad-hoc network using a 3rd party program rather than Windows. Whichever way you do it, once you have to the two computers connected to each other, it should be a simple case of setting up a home network in my network places to actually get them to share the internet connection and files.

  grabster 09:12 28 Dec 2006

hmm, read the links,drank coffee, tried all i can think of but the stumbling block appears to involve permissions- or the lack of.
I am using an administrator account so i dont understand why i get this error.
Would it be simpler to just go buy a router cos the main use for this lappy is to connect to the web.I can live without the network side of things if i have too.Will i have similar problems connecting with a router or is it simple enough to do ?

A router is a better solution for a long term setup and it should be easier to configure to share the internet. You will still be able to share files across your network although you will probably have the same problem that you have now that needs to be overcome.

Did you use the home network wizard in XP and have you tried disabling your firewalls?

  grabster 09:14 29 Dec 2006

yep, tried the wizard and without the firewall.

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