Do I Need Any Further Protection

  NotSureBoutThis 14:07 09 Nov 2006


I already have the following installed:

McAfee Security Suite
Ad Aware SE Personal
Spy bot S&D
C Cleaner

I have noticed several downloads available for further protection:




Do I need to install any of the above, I am running IE7 on windows xp if that helps.

Thanks in advance

  oldbeefer2 14:12 09 Nov 2006

Why not use Windows Defender - it's Microsoft's free anti spyware and seems to do the job. Why buy mcAfee when you could use AVG or AVAST! - both free and effective?

  beynac 14:32 09 Nov 2006

What you have got is fine. I would add SpywareBlaster from Javacool: click here

  RobCharles1981 14:43 09 Nov 2006

and what about Spyware Terminator?
click here

  Kate B 17:48 09 Nov 2006

CWShredder is a tool specifically for getting shot of the Coolweb pest. Very good if you've been infected with it but it doesn't protect you from it.

If you want to protect yourself, the best thing you can do is switch to Firefox, which doesn't allow ActiveX scripts to run by default, therefore you won't get stealthy drive-by installations happening. Combine that with a general rule about not clicking boxes that flash up insisting you're full of spyware and not downloading stuff willynilly from the internet - and I include porn, music and movies/TV shows - and your antimalware should remain quite underused.

  Totally-braindead 20:20 09 Nov 2006

There was a posting by someone earlier this year who had 14 virus and advert programs on his computer. 14!
I asked him with all that how he actually managed to do anything else with his computer as he must spend all his time scanning and updating. He never replied.
He was the extreme I must admit.
The recommendation is 1 anti virus, 1 firewall, and 2 or perhaps 3 advert programs as one program doesn't find everything so if you use more than one then hopefully it will catch the things the others miss.
You can add so much protection you never get anything done is the point I am trying to make.

  birdface 20:31 09 Nov 2006

Ive just got rid of Ad-Aware,Dont think it Performs very well, Same could be said about Spybot,Widows Defender does ok.Or you could try this. click here can install the full program Free for three months, Also an excelent scan facility, If you only want to run that,And Defender, You should not need anything else.

  Strawballs 22:25 09 Nov 2006

I would replace C Cleaner with windows defender otherwise fine.
I have McAfee on one of my PC's AVG on another and Avast on the last.

If you like McAfee stick with it would be like saying why would you want to pay for windows when you can get Linux for free.

  NotSureBoutThis 05:27 10 Nov 2006

Hi Folks

First, let me say, how grateful I am to you all for the advice / links offered.


I do have defender already installed and as I’m not computer literate, I felt more confident purchasing a package as a some form of protection.

Beynec & Rob 24 Wales

Unsure which one to choose between spyblaster & spyware terminator, therefore, I have not installed any of these yet, perhaps someone could explain if there is any difference.

Kate B

I did install FF, but to be honest, I found it very slow when switching between pages so I uninstalled it and downloaded Opera, I also found that very slow, so I uninstalled that & returned to IE7.


Not being computer literate myself, I can understand someone having that many programmes of protection, with so much publicity around how careful one has to be when surfing, you end up being paranoid.

However, your advice on recommendation re 1 anti virus, 1 firewall, and 2 or perhaps 3 advert programs are sound advice.


I have that programme bookmarked, and run it every other week.

Strawballs (great screen name)

It’s not that I like McAfee as a novice; I purchased it thinking it would do the job for a novice like me.

I’m surprised and pleased with myself, as, in the short time I have been on this forum, I have learnt some much, & I would like to thank everyone, for giving up your free time in assisting people like me.

  Totally-braindead 09:01 10 Nov 2006

Thats what we're here for. How do you think we learned so much? A lot of it came from here from others that knew more than we did when we first started.

  RobCharles1981 11:38 10 Nov 2006

Spyware Blaster - Blocks Spyware Getting in the first place.

Spyware Terminator or Windows Defender are Realtime scanners.

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