Do i need all this running

  redsusan 11:26 07 Dec 2009

I am trying to speed up my PC as it's got really slow have removed programmes i no longer use and run Ad-aware spybot and virgin virus checker.but still very slow to load pages so i had a look around and found on System Configuration Utility- in services a long list of things running, so my question is can i stop any of the below list from running and would it speed things up a bit?

Application layer Gatew... microsoft corporation
Windows audio
computer browser
crytographic services
DCOM server process la...
DHCP Client
logical disk manager
DNS client
error reporting service
Event log
com+Event system
Fast user switching com
Help and support
HID input services
java quick starter
Lavasoft Ad-aware service
Tcp/ip netbios helper
machine Debug manager
network connections
"location Aware...
PD91 Agent
plug & play
IPSEC services
protected storage
Virgin broadband pc guard
remote access connecti...
remote registry
remote procedure call
pc guard firewall
security accounts manager
Task scheduler
secondary logon
system event notification
windows image acquist...
terminal services
distributed link tracking
windows time
windows management
security center
automatic updates
wireless zero configur..

That is the list of the ones running , there were a few others with stopped next to them.

Windows xp
Virgin media
with wireless to laptop aswell

Thanks and merry christmas

  Clapton is God 12:22 07 Dec 2009

Go to Start; Run and type in msconfig. Hit return. When the dialogue box comes up choose the startup tab and that will show you all the processes running at start up.

Now go to click here

Scroll down the page to the Search function. You can search for the various processes you have running.

The results will tell you whether they MUST be running, can be stopped from running, definitely shouldn't be running (probably a nasty) or left running only if you deem it necessary.

  birdface 13:09 07 Dec 2009

Or maybe try Startuplite from malwarebytes.

click here

While there maybe try running and updating Malwarebytes just to see if it finds any problems.

Slow to load pages if using XP try.
Command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and press ok or enter.
It should tell you DNS has been flushed if so reboot and see if it works any better.
Switch the Modem off for 1 minute switch back on and leave for 2 minutes before you use it.
I am with virginmedia in Northants and it has not been great for the last day or two.A Bit slower than normal.Also getting a few Junk e-mails on my account which I do not usually get.

Once again if using XP maybe try IE7pro add-on.
Make sure ad-blocker is ticked and mini download manager is unticked if you use it.
That should help you browse a bit quicker.
And maybe start looking for better security.
Virginmedia's security program is not the best.
Have you run C Cleaner.Did a Defrag and run Check Disc.

  chub_tor 13:12 07 Dec 2009

click here is an excellent site which will give you advice on services and also show you how to optimise your system. However if your main problem is slow loading of internet pages you might want to check this out click here

  wee eddie 14:29 07 Dec 2009

I use CCleaner for most of these tasks.

Among other things it lets you do a proper back-up before you Disable or remove anything on the Start-up list.

Initially I disabled half-a-dozen a week, doing the most obvious ones first. e.g. Now I only have my Security Software opening on Start-up.

  iscanut 16:40 07 Dec 2009

I may be wrong, but I did not think CCleaner would touch all the services, running or not !

  chub_tor 19:02 07 Dec 2009

CCleaner under Tools allows you to effectively access msconfig as well as restore points and uninstall programmes.

  iscanut 19:17 07 Dec 2009

Thanks, I stand corrected !

  Sea Urchin 22:44 07 Dec 2009

CCleaner allows you to access the Start Up entries from msconfig - but not the Services.

  johndrew 10:02 08 Dec 2009

I have found the Process Scanner from Uniblue (free) to be a very good tool in identifying what running processes are click here.

It adds a column of markers to Windows Task Manager which allows you to select a process which then takes you to the Uniblue web page for an explanation.

  SallyC 16:00 16 Dec 2009

I had the same problem of slow start-up & slow running. Deleted programmes I don't use the followed Clapton is God's advice :start/run/msconfig. Unchecked the boxes to programmes I don't need at start-up like itunes, adobe reader etc. I then rebooted and although it was much faster it came up with this message : "You have used the system configuration utility to make changes to the way windows starts.
The System Configuration is currently in Diagnostic or Selective Startup mode causing this message to be displayed & the utility to run every time Windows starts.
Choose the Normal Startup mode on the General tab to start windows normally & undo the changes you made using the System Configuration utility."
When I clicked the Normal Startup radio button it undid all my changes so every programme in the startup list became active again & I guess will cause the startup to become slow again.
Now I am not sure what to do - as a novice at this side of things & with no-one I can call on to put things right if it all goes wrong can anyone please advise if there is someway round this. I did look at the other posts in this thread but didn't really feel confident to proceed as they seemed complicated to me.
Apologies for the length of this post but I wanted to be clear.

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