Do I have a virus?

  Staszek 18:27 01 May 2005

Hi all, I'm having a bad problem with what I think is a virus. As soon as my computer boots up I have a window that comes up and the heading it 'Windows Installer' Below this it says, 'The feature you are trying to use is on CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the 'Microsoft Office XP Professional with Font Page' disk and click OK.
Does any one know if this is a virus please? Also the message asks the for 'Attune 23.2' and at the bottom it has a 1 instead of as above 'MO XP Pro'
I hope this is enough info for someone to understand. these messages appear at ramdom and on a regular basisMany thanks in advance. Staszek (Poland)

  Kate B 18:32 01 May 2005

Attune seems to be spyware - have a look here for instructions on how to get rid of it. Not sure about the other message, though.

click here

  Staszek 18:47 01 May 2005

I'll check out 'Atune' and thanks for your breathtaking speed of reply. I'm mystified though why it also mentions MO XP. Staszek

  Staszek 18:47 01 May 2005

I'll check out 'Atune' and thanks for your breathtaking speed of reply. I'm mystified though why it also mentions MO XP. Staszek

  Number 7 19:39 01 May 2005

The nearest thing I can find to the problem you're having is this click here

I know it mentions Office setup, but have a read and see if it jogs your memory about having certain options configured to run from the CD etc- especially if you have configured Office to run at startup.

  Staszek 19:59 01 May 2005

Thanks for the info No7. As it happens I do have Windows 2000 Professioal as my O S. I'm not a computer buff, in fact I'n an idiot with them. I'll try to follow the info you gave me. I'll post if I do it OK. But what about 'Attune 23.3'"? I done have it on my computer as I've deleated it. Staszek

  Number 7 20:29 01 May 2005

What exactly was Attune?

A search in Google tells me it could be anything from spyware, to an Excel plug-in.

Was it an Office plug-in?

Have you only started to get the message since you uninstalled Attune?

  Staszek 06:44 02 May 2005

I actually got the message befor uninstalling Attune because when I checked, like you I found several 'Attunes.' Now on bootup I have another message telling me I need to install a newer version of 'Windows Installer'. But these things only happened AFTER getting a virus and AVG healed it. I have two hard drives, one Linux and one Windows 2000 with 2 particians on each. Is it possible to Format C drive only and install Windows XP. Many thanks to you No 7. Staszek

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:08 02 May 2005

Everytime that I have seen this message it is because the computer needs a programme off the Office CD that is not installed by default. Why not put the CD in and let the programme run? I have never seen a virus displaying this method.


  rickf 10:11 02 May 2005

If you can still get into the H/D I would advise you save all important docs to discs as you might have to reformat nad reinstall to get rid of the prob. Just a safty precaution.

  Staszek 18:28 02 May 2005

To everyone of you who answered me, thanks. The situation has changed a little. I reinstalled MO XP pro and I have not had a message about it since. Now though I get the same message asking for Coral draw 12 (uninsalled last week) Attune 12.3' still, and immediately after bootup 'Problem with shortcut' in big letters. Below it say's 'Another installation is already in progress. Compleate that installation before proceeding with this install.' There is no program uninstalled.
Many thanks Les

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