Do i have a startup shortcut missing?

  Steven W 08:03 04 Dec 2004

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Can anyone with NAV 2005 tell me where the entry for NDETECT should be if there is one?

I have finally worked out why my NAV 2005 wasn't auto updating.

The way NAV runs the Auto Update is through Task Scheduler. When the Auto Update process runs it then resets itself to run again in 4 hours time. However if your PC is not switched on at the time TS is supposed to run then you miss the Schedule and it reschedules for another 4 hours WITHOUT running the task! This meant i kept missing the Scheduled Time.

Further to this there is another program called NetDetect (NDETECT.exe) that is a part of NAV. When this is run it checks for an internet connection every 5 minutes. When it finds one it then starts the Auto Update check. This works because when it ran NDETECT manually NAV updated itself 30 seconds later.

I have the feeling there should be a start up entry for NDETECT on my PC as i was at a friends yesterday who has NAV 2004. His AV was 3 weeks out of date. We installed AOL Broadband and i was about to say "Lets update NAV" when it popped up that it have done it itself. I guess NDETECT was running since the PC started. He's not to technically minded so i can't ask him to look for it.

Can anyone with NAV 2005 tell me where the entry for NDETECT should be if there is one?

  Steven W 08:33 04 Dec 2004

Think i've fixed it by adding a multiple task to the one that exists so it also runs NDETECT on startup.

Seems to have worked so far.

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