Do I have a Rootkit ?

  Monoux 20:48 05 Sep 2008

I am using AVG anti virus V8.

I checked an individual Word Doc today and found the small pop up was stating at the bottom Rootkits %RH%/%RF% . I’ve tried a google search but can’t find anything specifically relating to this

I’ve run Sophos and it lists various hidden items but does not recommend any of them are removed

I’ve run a full system scan using AVG and deleted everything it found

I’ve run Spybot but nothing was detected

I’ve run A squared and deleted all it found

Having done all that I’ve checked several files including Word, Excel, Jpgs etc and the message is still Rootkits %RH%/%RF%

Any ideas what I can try next to get rid of this message


  MAT ALAN 20:51 05 Sep 2008

click here

try this...

  Monoux 22:51 05 Sep 2008

MAT ALAN -- Thanks for that. I installed and ran the AVG anti Rootkit program you linked to. It shows no rookits on my PC but the message I refered to earlier is still there

I'm confused ( )

  rdave13 23:08 05 Sep 2008

Download Superantispyware, update and then run in safe mode.
Use this from AVAST; click here download to a flash drive and run when not connected to internet.

  DieSse 23:09 05 Sep 2008

"...and found the small pop up was stating at the bottom..."

What small pop-up? - at the bottom of where?

  Monoux 15:24 06 Sep 2008

rdave13 -- I removed AVG then installed Avast and ran a scan on boot -- this found over 150 items and put them in the virus chest most were prosti-BT trojan or adware. Deleted them all then ran the avast virus cleaner from the pen drive as you recommended- nothing further found

Have now deleted avast and reinstalled AVG and the rootkit message has gone !! Whoopeeeeeee

Many thanks for your help, needless to say I am now going to uninstall AVG and put back avast as it seems to be the one that was more succesful.

DieSse - when an individual file scan completed there was the main results page and a small pop up from AVG in the bottom RH corner on my screen which is where the rootkits message was displayed. I've no idea how long it was on my system but a reinstall using an acronis back up I had made about 3 weeks ago did not get rid of it so it must have been there before, also attempts to use system restore were thwarted by them not working.

Fingers crossed all OK now

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