Do I have a problem? and can you help?

  Kase 16:04 06 Nov 2004

After start up and the welcome screen and programs are loading I receive the following message:
16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem


The System file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. CHOOSE 'Close' to terminate the application.
Close Ignore
Choosing either option closes the message and it does not appear until the Computer is turned off and started again!.I wish to stop this problem. What do I need to do?
My OS is Window XPHE

  Gongoozler 16:33 06 Nov 2004

This Microsoft page explains the message
click here, however there must be a 16-bit program opening at startup. If you haven't installed one, run AdAware click here and a virus scan to see if something naughty has got onto your computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 06 Nov 2004

it's because one of the following files is missing from \WINNT\System32:


Check to see that these files are there. If not, expand them from the install CD and copy them to \WINNT\System32
They'll be in the \I386 folder as

From a command prompt window, type

Expand /?

  Kase 15:55 08 Nov 2004

Thanks Gongoozler and Fruit Bat for the very quick replies, sorry for the delay in replying, fireworks and a visit to a relative has not allowed me to sit at the Computer! "Management objections"!!!. Down to my problem, I have obtained a copy Gongoozler of MS Article ID : 324767 08-17-2004, I have run Ad-Aware SE Plus(the paid for version) and found a ref Holystic-D Maleware type Regkey which I have quarantined and removed. I have then run Spybot-Search & Destroy 1.3( free version) which showed DSO exploit Registry change, these items HKey-Users 5 items removed and fixed. I have then run a2 Scanner(a squared 2 trial version) which stated no Maleware files found. Now to the MS files and on this I am a novice. I have followed the Resolution to resolve this issue up to item 1_4 but on 5. Start or install the program, How do you do this? as on the last command "exit" the black screen white text closes. MS presumes you know the next move I don't. Fruit Bat thanks for the reply you make it sound easy and it probably is to you knowlegeable and experienced folk, How do I check the files are there?, I am afraid I will need some help if one or both of you have the time!. I again thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I was unaware I even had a 16 bit subsystem but I am willing to learn.

  iambeavis 16:45 08 Nov 2004

Insert your XP disc into the CD drive and open it.

You will see a folder named i386, open it and resize the window so you are able to see the desktop.

In the folder you will find the three files, as named by Fruit Bat/\0/\, - right click on them, individually, drag each one to your desktop and select copy here.

If you don't wish to use the command prompt window then use WinZip to expand the files.

Open WinZip and drag the three files into the main window - choose extract - on the screen which comes up make sure "all files" is selected then in the window above expand C: then expand WINDOWS then expand System32 and finally choose extract.

The files should now be in System32 folder.

  Kase 18:36 08 Nov 2004

Many Many thanks iambeavis,Gongoozler,Fruit Bat
/\o/\. In the words of a certain person in the Fastshow "I am today mainley" looking at Windows.
I am pleased to announce my 16 bit MS-DOS subsystem is now back in the right place. Eat your heart out Microsoft, why do you have to make it so bloody difficult?.

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