Do I have the Optix.Pro virus & how do I remove it

  Onizuka 11:39 16 May 2007

The process names shown in Task Manager are not self-explanatory so to see if there were any non-essential processes running I checked them all in to find out what they were. One of them, Isass.exe, is described as the Optix.Pro virus “which carries in its payload the ability to disable firewalls and local security protections and a backdoor capability”.

I have Windows XP SP2 and my firewall and anti-virus protection is Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 which is right up to date but which has not detected anything. I have also run full scans by Spyware Doctor 4.0, Uniblue SpyEraser and Windows Defender, but none of these has identified it. I put Isass.exe in the Windows Search Companion but there was no trace on my PC.

I highlighted Isass.exe in Task Manager and tried “End Process” but this resulted in the message “Unable to terminate process. Task Manager cannot end this process.”

Can anyone tell me why it apparently remains undetected and if I do, in fact, have this virus, how I can remove it.

  TonyM 12:03 16 May 2007

Isass.exe is a proper system file which (like many system files) can sometimes be overwritten or altered by a virus. It often can appear with a lower case i (issas.exe) when this has happened.

The reason your system hasn't identified it as a virus is most likely because it isn't.

Best bit of computer related advice I was ever give ...."if it works,leave it alone!!!"

  johnnyrocker 12:14 16 May 2007

click here= might be of use.


  Onizuka 17:02 17 May 2007

TonyM – Since the process showing in my Task Manager is Isass.exe and not isass.exe your reassurance that it likely isn’t a virus is welcome. I think I was alarmed because, as I have since discovered, doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish between upper and lower case and entering Isass.exe only produces isass.exe which it shows as a virus.

“If it works, leave it alone” is sound advice and I will follow it. It’s up there with “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and it’s a pity the politicians ignore both suggestions – but that’s for another forum!

Thank you for your assistance and thanks, too, to Johnnyrocker for the link – it was useful.

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