Do I have a keylogger?

  mitsme 22:49 11 Mar 2007

Zonealarm Pro is giving an alert when I access some sites that require a log on.

Alert reads.

Yahoo browser monitoring user activities. If allowed may track/log keystrokes, mouse movement/clicks & websites visited. This may or may not be malicious.

Is this browser auto-complete or a nasty?


  Forum Editor 00:06 12 Mar 2007

that it's a benign browser warning, but there's no guarantee.

  mitsme 01:57 12 Mar 2007

Thanks for the reply.

I have recently upgraded to ZoneAlarm Pro so it may just be just more thorough than it's free counterpart.

I have run my AVG & have Spybot I also have Ad-Aware, they don't thow up anything suspicious. Will try running them in safe mode to see what I get.

Again thanks.

  [email protected] 02:15 12 Mar 2007

hi "mitsme" i cant give you any info on the "Key logger" but what i noticed is did you say youve got Zone Alarm Spybot & Avg...???
thats a lot of protection & you might be slowing your pc down a bit...?
forgive me if it sounds rude but i just wondered if you pc is slow...?
ive used both Zone Alarm Pro & now i use AVG Pro & ive also used Avast which i didnt like & Norton which turned my pc from a fast pc to a "Snail"....but if you got all those three running on your pc & have a issue with your PC's performance that could be why..hope this helps

  mitsme 02:51 12 Mar 2007

I don't have a problem with the speed of my PC.
I run Adaware as and when I need it, AVG is my anti virus so it has to run. No issues regarding speed as I said. It is just this popup alert regarding yahoo browser, it is something that ZoneAlarm Pro has picked up since the upgrade from free edition & I'm not 100% sure why it's happening.

  squillary 03:38 12 Mar 2007

Zonealarm is a firewall, AVG is an antivirus, Spybot and Adaware are the only ones with an overlap but shouldn't be an issue. Speed isn't even a consideration with this combo.

  mitsme 19:16 12 Mar 2007

Cheers Squilairy, from reading other posts, that's what I thought.

On closer inspection, ZoneAlarm lists the alert type as browser.exe & mouse32a.exe. Both are described as Global Windows Hook! I have searched Google Re. the above & I don't like what it's telling me. But I am by no means an expert. Should I be concerned? Any information would be apreciated.


  chocolate cake 20:14 12 Mar 2007

I've also had this message several times, although not for Yahoo, and assumed that it is usual while on the internetfor the mouse movements to be tracked so any clicks can be registered and direct you to the relevant pages.

If you are in any doubt, why don't you try asking at ZA user forum and come back with any replies - click here - I'd be curious to know the answer

  mitsme 20:23 12 Mar 2007

Chocolate Cake,
I tried to access Zonelabs user forum, but it wouldn't let me register. I will try later & let you know what their take on it is.

  dukeboxhero 20:52 12 Mar 2007

mouse32a.exe is process which belongs to the 'browsing mouse' facility and adds additional functions to your mouse. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

ybrowser.exe is a process from Yahoo! which offers additional functions to Internet Explorer. This program is a non-essential system process, and is installed for ease of use.
taken from process library
click here

  mitsme 20:13 13 Mar 2007

Chocolate Cake,

I checked ZoneAlarm Forum. There was only 1 thread re the mouse alert & it seems it's ok!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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