Do I have to keep putting program discs in?

  clueless4768 20:18 15 Dec 2003

Quick one - Can I fully install a program onto my machine so I dont have to keep putting the program disc in to run it after I click the prog. icon?

  rickf 20:20 15 Dec 2003

Some programs give you that option, others don't. One which does is MS Encarta. The reason is to sace you sapce on your h/d which is not a bad idea.

  rickf 20:20 15 Dec 2003

should read " save" and "space."

  clucker 20:32 15 Dec 2003

Games are a good example of having to use the disc more often than not, simply due to the size of some of them

  Chegs ® 22:14 15 Dec 2003

There are several apps available to allow this,one I tried was Virtual-CD,some games worked,most didn't as they needed "reinstalled" due to bits broke(corrupted/missing,etc)or everytime I tried to continue from previous saved point,it would decide I hadn't ever played it before,requiring hours of additional gameplay to return to where I had already been.

  Tim1964 22:20 15 Dec 2003

I guess it's to gaurd against piracy too, it proves you have the game disc in your possesion.

  Mike ® 22:26 15 Dec 2003

Daemon Tools will give you virtual drives on which you can mount images of most cd's, and install from there. click here I don't feel I can discuss the matter any further here.

  Mike ® 22:51 15 Dec 2003

Excellent program click here

  tbh72 01:19 16 Dec 2003

CD-Cache is a great little shareware program, it work's by specifying a certain portion of HDD space as a cache. It works great with "reference" type CDS, eg encarta, ICD Infodisk etc.... Not sure how it would work with games though.

  Lead 11:10 16 Dec 2003

I know of a few sites where you can download files that will replace the 'desktop shortcut' for a game/application so you do not need the CD in the drive to run it.

There are several advantages in doing this. I don't have to be continually hunting for discs in order to have a quick 5 minutes of gameplay (my game collection is extensive and on a very high shelf). It also means I reduce the risk of damage to an expensive CD/DVD.

However, it also means that people can download games/apps illegally and use them. As it is this that people will latch onto, I will not post the url of the sites I use to get these patches. But Google will be able to help you.

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