Do I have to have anti virus on my LAN PC

  aca 19:40 30 Jan 2006

I am connected via adsl on one pc, and this to a second via LAN. A basic question but I am running Sygate and Avast on adsl pc. On the second pc should I also run Avast and Firewall (currently using XP firewall)


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:59 30 Jan 2006

I run avast and sygate on both PCs connected via crossover cable and ISC.

Avast on first PC will only protect against internet viruses found email viruses seem to bypass first pc.

  aca 20:03 30 Jan 2006

Fruitbat thanks for your help again...

The reason I asked is that after sorting it at the weekend following your help, came back this evening and connection dropping out and very slow to load on the 2nd pc.

Wondered whether it was something to do with an Avast update. Restored back and seems that it might be connected to a couple of Windows updates that have installed. Making start up very slow?

Is this possible?

  woodchip 20:06 30 Jan 2006

Quick one is, You need AV on all computers

  Taff™ 21:33 30 Jan 2006

Yes it is possible. (Similarly quick woodchip!)

  Belatucadrus 23:49 30 Jan 2006

Remembering of course that the avast! free license is one copy only, though you are allowed a copy on a laptop that isn't used concurrently. So nobody here is actually suggesting you break the license agreement. AVG click here or Antivir click here would cover the second LAN PC just as well.

  aca 19:25 31 Jan 2006

Pretty sure it is the windows update. The ones below are the ones that seem to be causing a problem. When I restore back prior to download and update, as if by magic the connection works.

KB908159 security update + the latest malicious software removal KB890830

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