do I have enough power in my power supply??

  Tamarocker88 23:27 19 Jul 2004

I just built a new pc. My power supply is a PowMax 400 watt. I have an MSI 848p neo-v motherboard, geforce FX5700 gpu, a dvd drive and a cdrw drive, floppy drive, two 40 gig hard drives, a fan controller, and assorted case fans. My psu has 4 cords for me to plug things into, but with just the two disk drives and the two hard drives, I have no cord to power the fan controller *which needs its own cord* and no power to the case lights. Is it safe for me to get two "Y" splitters to make 4 cords into 6, and use the split cords to power my disk drives and hard drives?


  LastChip 23:35 19 Jul 2004

I'm assuming your referring to the 12v line. You need to look at the specification to find the maximum continuous output that line can maintain and then add up the devices you wish to power from it, to make sure your not overloading.

Having said all that, I would think a 400w PSU is more than adequate. But better to be sure.

  LastChip 00:06 20 Jul 2004

this enables others to join in the discussion and possibly supply a solution for you.

Tamarocker88 wrote; "But, how do I tell how much maximum power each thing uses? I have gone to the western digital website to check out the amount of power each hard drive uses.Both the disc drives and the hard drives say "5V - - - 2.0A and under it, 12V - - - 1.0 A" with this information can you tell me for sure whether it'll be ok to run them on spliced cables?"

As I said, you need to know how much continuous power your PSU can supply on the 12v line. Without that information, no one can tell you for sure, its just an educated guess. as far as the components are concerned, all manufacturers must provide basic technical information. Its just a matter of searching for it. If you can't find a specific item, then a similar specified part, will almost certainly be a good guide as to the consumption of the component, and although you are still in the realms of guessing, it becomes pretty accurate.

  Night Ryder 00:12 20 Jul 2004

With a 400 wat power supply you should have no problems. My supply is a 350 watt and using the "Y" splitters. I have six drives plus a graphics card that has the extra power connector. I've had no problems.

  Night Ryder 00:15 20 Jul 2004

PS, before someone challanges me I should mention I'm using a raid motherboard and a SCSI card to enable me to attach this many drives.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:18 20 Jul 2004

Power = volts x amps (IV=watts){Ivy Watts}

12w = 12v x 1.0A + 24w = 12v x 2.0A = total 36w. That leaves alot left from 400w to run motherboard, fans, CD / DVD etc.

I think therefore a 400watt psu will suffice

  LastChip 00:25 20 Jul 2004

I agree. However, there are cheap PSU's on the market that although can genuinely claim a 400w output, cannot supply continuous power at the sort of level you are talking about. This is why I think its important to clarify, just what quality of PSU Tamarocker88 has.

As power requirements become more demanding, poor quality units are becoming a source of unwanted crashes, due to unstable power lines. Of course, the more "electric motors" you place on the line, the more critical it becomes, as these are hungry users of power.

  Tamarocker88 00:32 20 Jul 2004

i dont know what that is, but here are the specs of my power supply

Type: ATX
Maximum Power: 400W
Power Good Signal: 100-500ms
Hold-up Time: Not specified
Efficiency: 70% Min. at full load
Over Voltage Protection: On all outputs
Overload Protection: Not specified
Input Voltage: 115/230VAC
Input Frequency Range: 60Hz/50Hz
Input Current: 10A/6A
Output: [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
MTBF: 100,000 hrs. @ 25ÂșC
Approvals: UL, CB, CE, TUV, FCC

  LastChip 00:41 20 Jul 2004

No problem for what you want to do.

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