do i allow these?

  redsusan 08:48 06 Oct 2005

Each time i start up my PC i get these messages and don't know if i should allow them or not.
they are
c/program files\tbea\chhl.exe. remote name
c\programs files\cmsystem\cmsystem.exe.
should i tick yes or no ?

  SANTOS7 09:56 06 Oct 2005

click here
clickspring is spyware
click here
click here
click here
if you do not have any of the progs in the links download and use them,good luck.........

  SANTOS7 09:58 06 Oct 2005

cmsystem.exe. is also adware the progs in links should do for this as well

  redsusan 10:31 06 Oct 2005

yikes!! which of the a-squared downloads do i want. i'm a bit confused by that lot (sorry i really am new to all this). is this the reason i'm getting pop ups?

  SANTOS7 10:59 06 Oct 2005

The free version of a-squared is the one you want you will need to register (free) then just run the prog Pop-ups can be stopped by useing another browser like Firefox click here which is more secure than Explorer or click here
Just take one thing at a time load the progs follow scanning instructions, If this is the first time you have used these progs don't worry if it finds gazillions of objects select the option to delete them all, any problems, for the next hour till i go to work i'll keep an eye on your postings

  redsusan 11:18 06 Oct 2005

Hi Santos7, i have just run a scan from a-squared and it has found 27 Malwares ,shall i just delete them all?

  spuds 11:37 06 Oct 2005

redsusan-- a2squared is a fairly safe programme, so you should be fine in deleting what it as found.

  redsusan 11:42 06 Oct 2005

I now have a-squared and firefox as well as av spywareblaster adaware and pop up stopper free edition, i guess that should protect me ? thanks you guys for all you're help.

  SANTOS7 12:16 06 Oct 2005

Nice job! what i would do tho is uninstall popup stopper you will not need it now you run firefox
Keep regular updates of the progs youhave installed
they will go a long way to keeping your PC spy/malware free, as spuds has suggested regarding spy/malware delete all you find,good luck...

  redsusan 18:14 06 Oct 2005

just before i finish this post, can you explain, when i installed spybot and ran a scan it found 240 odd critical objects , how do you know which ones to delete? i ticked the lot and lost my internet connection and god knows what else !!!!!!! so had to do a system restore, i suppose them bugs are still on my pc.

  SANTOS7 23:02 06 Oct 2005

Spybot search and destroy is a safe programme it will only detect what is not supposed to be on your PC, it is quite possible you lost your internet connection because you deleted spy/malware trying to dial out..

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