Do Fire walls slow down your computer?

  golfpro 08:04 31 Jul 2004

I have OS XP home and run Zone alarm, yesterday I downloaded the new update for Z/A, after the download was installed I found that my computer response times were very much faster. Has anyone else found this after downloading the new update?

  Rogmur 10:51 31 Jul 2004

Hi Golf Pro

I found the same thing with Zone Alarm (version 5), I installed the recent update (yesterday) and have noticed an improvement in performance with regards surfing the web, where as before the update, my broadband connection was slowing down.
I also heard on another forum (at Zone Alarm) that there were performance problems with the previous version.

Hope that helps
Regards Rogmur

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:46 31 Jul 2004

Yes they do, which is one of many reasons why I do not use a firewall :-))


  LastChip 12:31 31 Jul 2004

This is because the Firewall examines the packets of data before letting them onto your system, therefore a bottleneck occurs.

Having said that, the response, particularly on a new machine with a broadband connection is negligible.

Look at it this way. The theoretical connection for most broadband is 512Kbps. If you have a processor working at even 1Gbps, it is double the speed of your connection. All theoretical stuff, because in the real world there are other pieces of the jigsaw that come into the equation, but perhaps you see my point.

  GaT7 13:35 31 Jul 2004

'Do Firewalls slow down your computer?'
Sometimes it does more than at other times. I use Norton Internet security (which is notorious for PC slow down) on a Win98se, 600Mhz PC & dialup - I've been fortunate as the slow down is very negligible : ) G

  Cal 13:43 31 Jul 2004

As a firewall user myself I was just wondering what made you decide not to use one?
Apart from the subject of speed of course.

  golfpro 14:15 31 Jul 2004

I have a broadband connection (cable) and sometimes during heavy traffic my computer slows down to a crawl anything I could do to speed this up without compromising security obviously, I will do(I have Norton AV). I have been thinking about deinstalling Z/A for some time, and I think now is the time to do it.

  flying grouse 14:19 31 Jul 2004

try Agnitum Outpost Pro, there is also a free version and hardly uses up any system resources on your pc......................

  LastChip 14:57 31 Jul 2004

If your systems slowing to a crawl, I doubt it's as a result of ZA.

More often than not, it's a result of having far too many applications running at one time. Sometimes, you are not even aware of the things that have installed themselves to start-up with the system and as a result, you system is getting bogged down with unnecessary programs (applications) running in the background.

When this next happens, take a look at Task Manager and see what you have running. You may be surprised.

  Djohn 16:57 31 Jul 2004

I have been talking to Wol for the best part of 2 hours while checking through system settings. We did an on-line scan from Trend-Micro which came up clean.

Present firewall and anti virus is Norton. Only pop-up stopper on system is the Google toolbar but this is in IE6, he has downloaded and tried using Opera to access the forums so that rules out the google toolbar, he also disabled the firewall for the test.

Wol's hard drive is 100 MB. 30% full of programs/applications/files. He is on dial-up access with BT Yahoo!.

I did a quick scan of my drive while we were talking, being on broadband it was all over in a few minutes [2x80GB drives]. I don't know if this is significant but Wol's system took 23 minutes to download the scan engine from "Trend" and 1 hour 23 minutes to scan 120,000 files.

I guided Wol to AVG/Add-aware/Spybot S&D sites then left him with instructions how to download/install all three. He will then turn off his Norton security suite, scan the system again then log back on to see if he can access the titles to the threads.

Wol will phone me again tomorrow with news of progress, if any. If no improvement, I will take him through a repair of XP. After that I think we will resign ourselves to the fact, only a format and fresh install of the operating system will cure the problem.

As I mentioned in my post above, this will be left for a couple of weeks for Wol to get his newsletter out and transfer some 2,000 photo's to Cd's. This is the main reason for not just formating the drive much earlier on, also as far as he is aware, it is only in the PCA forum that he cannot use hyperlinks, other sites we tried, [6-7] worked.

Wol's machine is obviously not running as well as it should so a format will improve things in general. It's a compliment to PCA that he is prepared to do this because as he said to me, "I can live with the slow system but do miss being able to access the forum".

Thank you very much guys for all the help and advice you have made to the thread, it would be good to solve this mystery but this time maybe we won't, though we can cure it with the format/install. I'll post a quick update tomorrow then if necessary leave it to a time convenient to Wol when I will help him with the format/clean install.

Regards. j.

  Djohn 17:02 31 Jul 2004

The above posting was made to your thread by mistake. I have copied it to the correct thread now so FE may delete this one if necessary. Once again, sorry, I had too many windows open at the same time! :o(

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