Do desktop icons slow Windows down?

  jrb1946 12:14 24 Oct 2010

A couple of days ago whilst using my computer in a training session I was asked why I have so many icons on my desktop (about 120), because didn't I know that they slow the computer down whilst it "thinks" about them all.

The solution I was informed is to group them into folders - on the desktop - and that way Windows has only to think about the folders and not the contents. Thinking what a load of baloney I just managed to hold my peace and thought the wisest course is to ask here on PCAdvisor. I've never heard of this being a factor affecting performance.

Before I ask the question the reason I have so many is to remind me what I have in the way of programs which do things I want done and these range from brain training (not up to much) to Serif Page Plus which is really useful. They are in the form of shortcuts. And copies of information I have found and which are useful to my work. Press and journal articles which reside wholly on the desk top. This replaces the deep litter system which I have operated on my physical desk.

I do know by the way that items appearing in the systray do produce a performance overhead and so I cut them when a software provider thinks I need their little icon. And startup items too.

The question is does an icon on the desktop - be it a shortcut or an file - produce a performance reducing overhead?


  gengiscant 12:30 24 Oct 2010

A bit of reading here click here=

  Nontek 12:32 24 Oct 2010

Short answer - No... it is running Processes/Programs that slow things down. Though if one only has on-board graphics and not a lot of RAM, then many icons on desktop could slightly slow down the initial Start-up.

  jack 12:46 24 Oct 2010

gengiscant & Nontek have it,
But I find that whenever I am called to sort a problem one one of my flock's machines a cluttered desktop will SLOW ME DOWN and I sit hunting through the maze whilst I am thinking- he/she must think I am a wally -keep asking where something is and they point straight to it.
This is my perfect desktop - For me that is

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

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