Do broadband users get dialers?

  Survey Surfer 11:15 09 Jun 2004

Since finding a dialer on my dial-up modem PC I was wondering if Broadband users experience the same problem


  ianeon 11:20 09 Jun 2004

This topic has been covered quite extensively and the consenus is NO broadband don't get diallers

  2neat 11:30 09 Jun 2004

To be on the safe side I have disabled my modem in Device Manager until required. No software can dial out now!

  JayDay 11:34 09 Jun 2004

Although I can not give you a technical reason (maybe someone else can) I don't think you can for the same reason that you can't send a fax via your braodband connection. I think it is because you broadband connection is linked to your ISP at the BT exchange.

  pj123 11:38 09 Jun 2004

I'm on BB and yes, I do get dialers. But they can't actually dial out (unless you still have an analogue modem fitted as well). I have an analogue modem which I only use for sending faxes. It is only ever connected to the phone socket when I want to send a fax, so I guess I am still slightly at risk.

  Shas 11:48 09 Jun 2004

What exactly is a dialler and what do they do? I am on bb but also have an analogue modem which has to be connected all the time for incoming faxes. Is there anything in particular I should look out for, or does any problem only come to light when you get your fax line phone bill?

  byfordr 11:52 09 Jun 2004

Most dialers connect you up to expensive lines (normally situated in exotic hotplaces)running up huge bills. This is often without the persons permission.

Software like click here (site in german, but download in English) will help you prevent these unauthorised connections. I use it on Broadband, purely to keep track on whats going on my pc.


  Shas 11:59 09 Jun 2004

".....Most dialers connect you up to expensive lines (normally situated in exotic hotplaces)running up huge bills. This is often without the persons permission."

sounds just like my son when he lived at home, checking out the other sort of surf!

Thanks byfordr, I'll check that site out.


  Survey Surfer 12:00 09 Jun 2004

Check this link to find out more about dialers click here

  pj123 12:16 09 Jun 2004

Shas, why not do what I do. Go here click here and get a personal fax number cost is £23 per year. All faxes come in to your email inbox so you don't need to have your modem connected all the time, you don't even have to have your PC switched on. I only use my modem for outgoing faxes.

  Graham ® 12:43 09 Jun 2004

The Broadband equivalent of a dialer would be a hijacker. Whilst the former is intended to make money, the latter is merely malicious.

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