Do all PSU's have a cooling fan.

  birdface 00:35 10 Sep 2009

Do all PSU's have a cooling fan.Just downloaded a few Motherboard updates from Micro Star also it came with PC Alert4 which shows the temperatures etc.It shows the system fan and the Cpu fan but under PS fan [I take it it means power supply] It shows nothing.
I can hear the PSU fan turning it is not exactly quiet.I take it this is normal and I don't need to worry about it.

  ashleycardwell94 00:54 10 Sep 2009

ye its sort of a sign that it is still working, and the main questions about psu fans, not all have fans but the vast majority do.

  crosstrainer 04:17 10 Sep 2009

All Power supplies have at least one fan. Depending on make and model some have as many as three,

Don't know what you have so make and model will give us a clue.

If it;s old and noisy...Could become a problem.

The more modern units have two fans. One which blows into the case and another which extracts air.

  morddwyd 06:52 10 Sep 2009

PSU temperature is not quite so critical as CPU or mobo temp and the need to monitor it is not so great, though I suppose it would be for a high spec graphics machine.

Excessively high temperature in a PSU would normally lead to smell, then smoke!

  crosstrainer 07:22 10 Sep 2009

And then....End of PSU which can also destroy memory, cpu etc...If it's suspect, test with another and replace.

buteman...Sorry should be you in the post title!, but advice holds firm...Need to know what you have in terms of power loading...EG:

Hdds, optical drives, graphics cards etc.

  birdface 09:54 10 Sep 2009

Just an old Tiny computer.Sorry but looked up SIW and cannot find any mention of PSU.I am replacing it next month but just wondered why it showed Zero under the speeds of the fans.
Absolutely nothing on this computer to slow it down about 90% of disc space is free.
I did notice while in SIW it said memory Maximum Capacity 512 Mb 2 slots of 250Mb.I did get 2Mb from Crucial last year but did notice it never used up anymore than about 480mb.
Getting away from that I have had a good look at the Power Supply a few times when inside cleaning and would think it would be almost impossible to get it out and replace it.
It is just a chipset motherboard with graphics the same.MS 6390.
The CPU is showing at least 90% when running any security programs and Iwas thinking it was the power supply on the way out.I am sitting here listening to the PSU fan running I was just wondering why it was showing Zero on PC alert program.

  crosstrainer 10:19 10 Sep 2009

aah an old Tiny? Is it a standard case? Or one of the micro atx cases they produced in the late 90's / early 80'S?

They had a nasty habit of making things that would not work in a normal case.

If it's a normal atx format tower, then finding one won't be a problem.

The 0 fan indication is that the BIOS in those older machines either did not support monitoring, or (more likely) the cable was never connected to the mobo in the first place.

If you can post back the exact model, I'm sure we can source on for you.

  birdface 10:35 10 Sep 2009

product name is.KM 266-8235 is that what you mean.

  birdface 10:39 10 Sep 2009

Normal size Tower with DVD and RW drives.So I would assume a standard case.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:44 10 Sep 2009

Googling tells me that KM 266-8235 is a motherboard chipset from Via.

  birdface 11:09 10 Sep 2009

Right how would I find the make of the power supply without Going inside.I would have thought i would be able to find it in SIW.but not there.
Al I can find is this.

AMD Athlon[tm]XP2400+2.01GHz 1.96gb of ram.

And it still gives the system model as KM266-8235.

How do you find the exact Model

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