DNS server problem

  Shas 20:57 02 Nov 2005

Running Windows 2000 Pro, two machines networked, Netgear DG834 v.2 Router.

Twice since Friday I've not been able to connect on my work machine, getting the message DNS Server unavailable or unreachable. I searched the forum and tried Vog's 'winsockfix' suggestion, which on Monday worked and all was ok. Today, same problems again and this time nothing seems to fix it. AOL say there's nothing wrong their end, BT have checked the line and found nothing. (They will investigate further if I want to pay the £50 call out + £50 for first hour!)

Each time, just prior to the problem trying to open websites took absolutely ages, eventually timing out. Then the connection dropped and I got the above message.

Have run spyware checks and virus checks. Adaware came up with some dataminers, which it removed. All else OK.

Any suggestions appreciated.

  Xzrox 01:51 03 Nov 2005

Wild stab.... you've switched off any firewall on your clients?

  Shas 08:21 03 Nov 2005

Thanks Xzrox. Tried with the client machine completely unhooked, still no good. My neighbour, who's a computer techie, thinks it may be virus related so if I can stay connected on dial up for long enough, I'm going to run Stinger and see if that finds anything. Then maybe a HJT log.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 11:31 03 Nov 2005

putting some IP addresses into your browser address bar:

80. 84. 160. 17 for PCA

212 .58 .224 .113 for bbc

66 . 102. 9. 99 for google

just to ensure it is a DNS problem.

If it's virus related then you can delet you hosts file and that should sort it (obviously you need to ge rid of the virus as well though.

  Shas 14:07 03 Nov 2005

With the router enabled, the above IP addresses come back "page cannot be displayed". With the dial up connection, they open fine, (except PCA which was unavailable due to work being done.)

Stinger came back clear, updated AdAware and Spybot scans have shown clear and A-squared showed one tracking cookie. Tried Trend Housecall which scanned for trojans OK, but then hung at starting the virus scan, and Panda wouldn't download at all.

Registered with the Malware Forum to post a HJT log but I haven't had the validation email back, so can't log on there to post it. :o(

  pauldonovan 14:13 03 Nov 2005

..otherwise dial-up would be more likely to be affected than router connection. Also if both PCs networked have issues it suggests it isn't anything on one of the PCs causing the issue.

So you are saying that it is an intermittent problem or is it permanent one now i.e. the router based connection doesn't work at all now? Or it works then doesn't ?

Sounds like it could be the router if they've confirmed that it isn't the line. I'd be tempted to buy a cheap router and get that configured up and see how that goes. You always have a spare then or you can flog it on ebay. Did your AOL connection come with a modem? Can you try connecting with that?

  Shas 14:23 03 Nov 2005

The other machine doesn't have any issues I'm aware of other than it can't connect to the internet, because it does so only through my router.

It's a permanent problem. I've tried several times this morning, in between scans, and still no good.

I tried the modem that came with AOL and only get a power light - no DSL light, (and of course no data light.)

  CurlyWhirly 18:24 03 Nov 2005

I have read that AOL blocks e-mails from the Malware Forum whch could be *why* you haven't received your validation e-mail.

Check out the forum rules page article No 7 which says:

"AOL emails are not accepted due to the spam filters they have in place - sorry take it up with AOL - I will not waste my time"

  De Marcus™ 18:33 03 Nov 2005
  De Marcus™ 18:41 03 Nov 2005

On a side note, the command: ipconfig /flushdns has often solved many of my dns problems I've had.

You can run it by going to start, run and typing in: cmd

Next, and from the command prompt, type (exactly as it appears here): ipconfig /flushdns

  Shas 22:26 03 Nov 2005

Hi Curly. Why do we stick with AOL? Yes I had seen that and posted through a Tiscali payg account which I had to open up because I couldn't connect via AOL, so unless the malware forum doesn't like Tiscali as well, I really don't know why I didn't get the reply. Anyway, Nellie2 has now checked it for me and it shows clear :o(

De Marcus, thanks for the link - I have tried all those suggestions two or three times over and still no good. I'll try your second suggestion and report back. (That's how dippy this has all got me - I've just tried it now on my home machine and the problem is with my work machine. Doh! I'll try it tomorrow and report back then.) Thanks all.

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