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  SURVEY 11:45 03 Feb 2012

My Canon camera takes video but as a (really unhelpful)dmsd file. I always used to be able to convert these using a Roxio program but my version of that program is not compatible with my new Window 7 laptop! Is there a free dmsd to avi converter program out there that anyone can recommend please?

  SURVEY 17:38 05 Feb 2012

Bump. Never known members of this foru to not have an answer!

  lotvic 19:00 05 Feb 2012

Surely .dmsd is a project file in Roxio MyDVD? (a project is not an actual video)

Can you check the file extension again of your Canon Camera?

I am almost sure Canon cameras take vids with a .mov extension

  SURVEY 12:39 07 Feb 2012

lotvic - you are correct. So I need to convert this to avi?

  lotvic 16:10 07 Feb 2012

Yes, guess so. Perhaps you could start a new thread with relevant title? I haven't done much converting so haven't yet found my 'ideal' prog to do it.

  rdave13 16:19 07 Feb 2012

Try FormatFactory. It's free but will install Ask toolbar if I remember correctly. Easily removed though. Untick boxes during install.

  Woolwell 17:25 07 Feb 2012

mov is Quicktime format. If you are happy to open the files with quicktime then you do not have to convert it. If you want to play it in WMP then Windows Live Movie Maker will open mov files and it can be saved as a wmv format.

VLC player will convert to mp4.

  SURVEY 11:19 08 Feb 2012

I really need to convert to a format that will play on dvd players rather than just on a computer.

  Woolwell 13:07 08 Feb 2012

I have been using Debut Video Capture for a different purpose recently and it comes with Prism Video Converter. Both basic versions are free for home users. Prism. It will convert mov to a number of different formats. For DVD you will of course have to burn it. You may find that your burner software may convert.

  rdave13 15:16 08 Feb 2012
  lotvic 15:26 08 Feb 2012

rdave13, beat me to it :)) he's quick off the mark

"need to convert to a format that will play on dvd players rather than just on a computer"

Wish you'd said that before, just use DVD Flick, it's free and does all the work for you, Quicktime .mov file amongst multitude of others, to VIDEO_TS dvd.

Read the guide. For practice, choose a couple of smallish .mov titles to add. Put copies of them in a folder on your desktop (so you can find them easily) give them new titles if you want (to save altering them from within dvdflick).

In Project Settings, You can choose to Create ISO image, Burn project to disc, or don't tick either and then when you click on 'Burn' it will prompt you to save the Audio and Video dvd files to a 'new folder' which you can rename with your own filename (it will create the new Folder).

When you close DVD Flick it will prompt you to save your project if you haven't already done so.

OpSys: any edition of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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