DMMR-E55DVDVideo Recorder

  joe95 13:44 20 Feb 2005

I have recently purchased one of these machines and it is excellent.I have been copying my old videos okay, my daughter asked me to copy some of my g/childrens videos problem they wont play on their machine also should they play on PC.
Thanks Joe

  Mikè 13:57 20 Feb 2005

Are you using dvd ram or dvd-r blanks? and if using dvd-r's are you closing/finalising them?

Dvd-r's will play on pc but Ram disks usually not.

  joe95 14:24 20 Feb 2005

using Dvd-rs finalising and they won't playon my PC

  SEASHANTY 15:42 20 Feb 2005

Both Verbatim and "Budget" (a cheap make of DVD-R)
recorded on my Panasonic will both play on the non branded DVD-ROM drive in the PC. On insertion I get a message menu asking what I wish to do and the fhighlighted option is "PLAY disc using Intervideo
WinDVD software. I presume that you have some player software installed on your PC. Either WinDVD
or PowerDVD etcetera. If not then the discs will NOT play on the PC. It puts up the "navigation menu on startup and clicking on the thumbnail of prog you require starts the playback.

  SEASHANTY 15:44 20 Feb 2005

.....also note that DVD-R discs (even when finalised) will not play on some of the older DVD players.

  SEASHANTY 15:53 20 Feb 2005

It could also be that your daughter is expecting the DVD-R you have made to start autoplaying immediately the disc is inserted. It probably will not do this. On her DVD player she needs to select the "PLAY MENU" or something similarly marked which should then bring up a screen highlighting the thumnails of the progs or a set of line bars indicating the separate programmes recorded on the disc. Highlighting and the slecting one of these to "PLAY" may bring success.

  joe95 16:05 20 Feb 2005

Thanks everyone but I was at fault when I was copying the video finished a box came up saying finalizing and the vanished so I waited a few moments took the disc out.
I have been looking at the menus in functions and have finalised the discs and that seems to have done the trick.
Sorry to have troubled you.
Up the Clarets.

  SEASHANTY 19:19 20 Feb 2005

....and if you have recorded DVD-RAM discs they will play in the Paanasonic S27 DVD PLAYER which is available for £50 inc delivery from Ebuyer or about
£60 from Argos Catalogue stores. The Pioneer PC DVD Writers also support dvd-ram PLAYBACK (not record).

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