DMA.PIO Question

  birdface 11:18 14 Sep 2007

Hi,Just looking at this click here from The here . Scrolling down to ,Primary IDE Channel properties,Advanced Settings,Under Device 0. I have mine as shown,Under Device 1.I have it set to Transfer Mode DMA if available,And under transfer mode Instead of showing DMA 5 it just says not Applicable.Anybody tell me if this is normal.According to the Diagram it's not.

  norman47 11:34 14 Sep 2007

That setting is usually reserved for an IDE channel that is not being used. So you have no devices connected to that section of the cable.

You can check by either freezing POST as it boots and checking the primary and secondary channels or by entering the bios and looking at the settings.

How many hard drives and cdroms ( opticals ) do you have connecvted on the machine and are any SATA drives?

  birdface 12:01 14 Sep 2007

Hi.Since changing from PIO to DMA.I have not been able to use my Dvd Drive.[Maybe it is just broken] just clutching at straws.I can still use my dvd RW drive though.Just the one hard drive as far as I know. SATA Drives.I am not sure how would I find out.I will check on the settings at the next boot up.

  norman47 12:14 14 Sep 2007

if windows has problems it can drop the mode down.

To re-enable DMA from PIO mode click here halfway down the page.

  birdface 12:16 14 Sep 2007

On start up it says.Pri Slave Disc None, DDR SD Ram At Bank;02. and underneath it says.Pri Master Disc Hdd Smart Capability Disabled.Any of that make any sense to you.Or should I be looking for something else.

  birdface 12:20 14 Sep 2007

Hi.No it does not revert back to PIO mode it remains as DMA.

  norman47 12:25 14 Sep 2007

" Pri Slave Disc None "

that is saying you have no drive connected on the primary slave channel. You could enter the bios and make sure it is set to auto. If that still comes up as nothing you could open the case and check that the flat wide IDE cable is pushed firmly into the drive and that the 4 pin power supply is also firmly pushed in.

" DDR SD Ram At Bank;02 "

just tells you were you memory module is fitted in your ram slots.

" Pri Master Disc Hdd Smart Capability Disabled "

this tells you that the drive has been detected and working. It also tells you that the bios's hard drive's monitoring servive (S.M.A.R.T. ) is turned off. It can give you early warning of impending disk failure, if it is switched on, this gives you time to back-up or replace the drive. Some use it, some do not.

  norman47 12:27 14 Sep 2007

" No it does not revert back to PIO mode it remains as DMA. "

This sounds as if

a) the bios is not seeing the drive and needs to be reset

b) the drive has a loose cable

c) the drive has had it.

try above suggestions.

  birdface 12:36 14 Sep 2007

Thanks ,I will give it a go,I dont normally go near the Bios in case I make a mistake.But will give it a go.Probably the drive has had it.I will try the Bios first,If I have to check the cables it will probably be to-morrow ,but will get back to you as soon as I can.

  birdface 13:25 14 Sep 2007

Hi.It is set to Auto in the Bios.,So will check the cables to-morrow.Thanks for all your advice.

  birdface 16:26 14 Sep 2007

Tried to get the Dvd Drive out but could not get the front panel off to remove it.Broke one of the clips trying.So I will assume it is a faulty Dvd drive and call it a day.The computer is about 5 years old so I don't think it is worth spending any money on it.Thank you for your was appreciated.

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