dma hard drive

  jonnyx6666 03:51 14 Dec 2006

question , i have had a hard drive failure my pc is pavillion ( dont laugh)
i have fitted a wd80gb (new) hd but it is only an ide hd, the 1 which was installed on my pc was a ultra dma 40gb hd
what does this mean ( ultra dma )
and have i got the wrong hard drive in my pc, what i mean is i have connected this hard drive via a ide cable and i have found out my pc was ata or sata plz help , i must say that my pc is running fine, is it the old saying John if its not broke dont fix it
or if i change my hd or connection (cable ata) again will i notice any faster data transfer etc plz plz help

  Totally-braindead 16:19 14 Dec 2006

You're getting yourself a bit confused here.

There are basically 3 types of drive SCSI which you won't have and IDE and SATA.

Now SATA are the newest and the fastest drives. IDE drives use what is called a ribbon cable its about 2" across so you can see why its called that. SATA cables are much smaller about half an inch across and you don't have that anyway. Looking at the specs for your computer you have IDE using a ribbon cable.

Your PC is running fine because its setup fine just leave it as is.

  terryf 16:40 14 Dec 2006

If it ain't broke, don't fix it is the best advice I can give

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