DLL's Found one but it wants more - whats up?

  jack 17:13 12 Jun 2004

As previously said thank you for pointing me to the original missing dll. Went to site found it. Thank you all also for those who told me where to put it. So I did and it din't hurt at all. Then guess what? It said Oi! here's another dll missing - go get it. Which I am doing - not so easy this one several sites visited but not turned up yet But should this be happening at all? Thinking that perhaps the download was not complete i downed it all again. but that aint the answer Any ideas? By the way I am building this up on my XP machine the software is for 2000/XP would that account for it? j

  rawprawn 17:28 12 Jun 2004

Whats the name of the dll it's saying is missing? type the name into google and see what comes up. Some dll's are virus orientated.

  jack 12:16 13 Jun 2004

Thanx Raw Prawn
I ve gone that rout and founf the first .dll and but not the second.
But I think I now know the real problem after down loading and printing the install guide.
Apparently in the bits of software that came in in 12 1.5 mb. attachments there is a set called
BearPaw Lib numbered 1234 [ 1. is an exe. file
The instruction sez run this set first
ie it loads the dll's
When this set comes in only files 234 come in
I have downloaded it twive and the exe. file remains missing.
So where do I get exe files from?

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