dkuk2000 00:46 12 Apr 2003

I'm running win 98se on my pc but every time i restart or boot up i get message saying
a required DLL File MS09 DLL WAS NOT FOUND.
What does this mean and how do i fix it ?.
I've tried reinstalling windows that didn't do it.

  Terrahawk 00:55 12 Apr 2003

are you running ms 0ffice 2000?

  dkuk2000 00:59 12 Apr 2003

I was but i un-installed it

  ton 01:01 12 Apr 2003

You can either repair or re-install Office, or you can download the dll file from click here

  Terrahawk 01:02 12 Apr 2003

mso9 appears to be an office dll this may help you click here

  dkuk2000 01:10 12 Apr 2003

I'm downloading it now the question is what do i do with the file when it's downloaded ?.
I know dumb question (i'm new to this)

  Terrahawk 01:17 12 Apr 2003

the top question will give you install details
click here

  Digital 08:44 12 Apr 2003

Dkuk2000, never worry about asking "dumb" questions, we're all new to something sometime. If you never ask you'll never learn.

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