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  dago 17:47 17 Jan 2003
  dago 17:47 17 Jan 2003

i have a digital camera,which came with its own software(image expert,usb driver)until recently it was working fine. the other day i switched on and an error message came up as follows msvcirt.dllis linked to missing [email protected]@z please can anybody explain

  flecc 19:14 17 Jan 2003

msvcrt.dll is a file that belongs in the Windows/System folder of some Windows versions. Have a look in you Windows/System folder for it, and if not there, get a new copy from your Windows CD, your Options/Cabs folder, or online. Post back if you need help with that, telling us your Windows version and whether you have the Windows CD.

  Jerry Atrick 07:37 18 Jan 2003

One approach to this problem can be to get a copy of that dll. file from another friendly computer.Here a is rough guide to how I did it.At the donor machine Go START > FIND enter missing file name in search box.If file is found,open a window for A:\drive {Floppy disc drive}.Arrrange screen so both windows can be seen.Put formatted floppy in the slot, then Click and drag the file from search result window into the A:\ window.After a brief wizz,open My Computer,click on A:\this will show whats on the disc.Got the file you need? OK? now remove the floppy to take to the unwell computer.Back at your machine, load floppy to A:\drive.Open a window for Windows\System and another for A:\so both are seen, then click and drag file into Windows\system window.Go START > FIND enter file name- do search -the dll. file and its location should show in the result.Got it? OK? Job done.

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