Dlink wireless problems please help pt II

  puma22 09:17 19 Nov 2005

Hi i closed a thread on this a couple of days ago as thanks to Taff, i thought i had resolved the issue. Suprise this morning as the problem has reappeared as follows
D-link DSL-G604T wireless ADSL router. DWL-G122 D-link wirelss adapter. XP sp2.
Taff's suggestion was to unplug the router and this worked. So I tried this again but this time it didnt.
When ever i get this problem of not begin able to connect it is either when swithcing users or starting up the PC, once up and running it will run. I get an error message when this hapens which i think is related as follows ANIWZCS2 launcher for windows has encountered an error.. A quick serch on the net says it is part of the driver for the dlink adapter.
Any suggestions as to how to finally reslove this would be really appreciated
Many thanks

  Taff™ 09:23 19 Nov 2005

Yes its part of the USB driver. Go to add remove and take the adapter program out. Unplug the adapter and reboot. Check that the ANIWZCS2 program has also been removed, if not remove it as well.

Re-nstall the drivers from disc and reboot. Then plug the adapter back in. You may need another reboot leaving the adapter in.

  puma22 09:32 19 Nov 2005

Hi Taff, thanks for the quick response!
I have already done this which has got me back on line. The issue is that everything then works OK, but the enxt time i reboot or switch users, there is every possibliity that I have to go through this process again to get up und running. Any other suggestions that will fix it permenantly?

  Taff™ 08:27 20 Nov 2005

This issue affects the USB adapter only now? Does the same message come up every time you boot up? Tell me if you are using the D-Link User Interface or the XP one. In either case have you saved the connection to your router in the "Profile" so that it connects to the router automatically?

  puma22 09:44 20 Nov 2005

Thaks for the advice. I am using the D-link interface as when i try to use the XP one, it cannot aquire the network address. I dont htink i have asved the profile, How would i do this?
Interestingly, it is working OK this morning?
One thing that I did do yesterday was run windows update and it said the d-link driver needed updating. I did this and it was so much easier this way. When i did it direct from the d-link site i had to unistall the od, reinstall the new and it newer worked. windows installed over the old one. Whether this is what has fixed it i dont know.
I will check tht i have saved the profile if you could kindly tell me how to do this Taff.
Many thanks

  Taff™ 13:20 20 Nov 2005

I don`t have access to the D-Link machine at the moment but from memory.... Double click the D in the icon tray and this opens the D-Link U/I. On one of the tabs, Network I think you should see a two pane (One above the other) page. In the top one you have a list of available networks. In the bottom there should be the saved proiles. Double click your network in the top pane and it should be added to the bottom pane. Now highlight that one by clicking onto it and use the arrow keys to move it up to the top of the list if it isn`t there already. Delete any connection at the bottom that says "Default".

  puma22 14:38 20 Nov 2005

Hi, it was under site survey. Yep the right profile is saved and is at the top. I have deleted the default one.
Will let you know whether this has resolved the problem.
Many thanks

  puma22 09:58 21 Nov 2005

Well, guess what! Went to swich on the PC this morning and got the same issue!
Tried to unplug the router/modem as this worked before. Only this time it didnt, so had to resort to uninstall and reinstall. This has got me up and running again, but it is clear that when I swithc off, it will be unable to connect again.
It seems that the wirelss adapter can 'see' the router and the little green d tells me that all the connections are there and that the signal is excellnet. What it fails to do is 'aquire the network address' The little monitor screen in the task bar just flahses and says it is trying to aquire the network address, but does not seem to be able to.
Any suggestions woudl be greatly appreciated!

  Taff™ 15:02 21 Nov 2005

It`s pi***** me off now! Log onto the router admin and on the Setup tab click the DHCP configuration button in the left hand pane. Make sure DHCP is enabled and post back the start/end/primary settings. Lease time should be 3600 by the way.

On your computer go to Network Connections and right click the wireless connection, Properties and on the general tab scroll down to TCP/IP and select it. Properties again and make sure both radio buttons are set to "Obtain automatically"

Sorry if we`re repeating ourselves here I`ve lost your original thread so a link to it would be useful. Keep smiling!

  Chegs ®™ 15:11 21 Nov 2005

I found a listing in add/remove for "SP-2 Connection Manager" that was causing similar issues with acquiring IP addresses.Deleted it(no idea where it came from)and the IP address returned to only taking a few seconds to acquire.Might help if you find the same listing.As for the USB troubles,no ideas sorry.

  puma22 18:17 21 Nov 2005

Yes it is %$^£" me off as well, but thanks for all your patience and help on this. A long story today. I decided to update the firmware and forgot to uplug the phone line beofre. This REALLY messed up the settings and am now having to attach the router via a cable. Not good as the kids and dog keep tripping over it!
Well, have finally reset the router, updated the firmware and checked all the settings as you suggested. They were all correct.
The settings you asked for are:
start ip
end ip
Sorry but dont know how to post a link to the previous thread.
I am going to sut down now, unplug the wire and see if it will go wireless. It should becasue at the moment i have an excellnet connection.

Chegs, thanks for the advice, have had a look and cannot see anything, but there are lots of windows update named hotfix update and security update, there is a microsoft net and net hotfix?

The final thing i have done is to disable the green d utility and am using the windows configurer.
Thanks for all the help guys!

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