DLink DWL-G Wireless USB dropping connection

  dogbreath1 11:53 25 Oct 2005

Occasionally, the above device looses connectivity. There doesn't seem to be a pattern...some days connection is maintained all day...others, it can cut out and reconnect up to five or six times. When connected, signal strength is shown as excellent. When disconnected, the wireless router can not even be found. Any ideas as to why this is happening please you guys? Computer is a new machine of decent spec and I'm using XP Home (SP2).

  retep888 14:49 25 Oct 2005

Don't know much about your router, I can only suggest you go to tech support in Dlink's website and check for your firmware update and knowledge base, there're some very good FAQ.


P.S. I suppose you don't have any mobile phones or wireless digital phones around the router or usb adapter, although I doubt these will affect the signal on the newer machines.

  dogbreath1 15:06 25 Oct 2005

Thanks for the response. I've already checked the firmware...but I will certainly check out the FAQs on the Dlink site. Cheers, db.

  dogbreath1 12:18 26 Oct 2005

I've had a look in the DLink FAQs, but not had much joy. There is a reference in there to Windows updates but no specific details as to which patch or update is required. Any other ideas you guys please??

  retep888 15:44 26 Oct 2005

Can you give us details of your setup? i.e. model of your router, usb adapter etc., so as other members can see if they can help ?

There could be hardware incompatibility issues.

Sorry, wish I could've given you more help.

  dogbreath1 17:56 26 Oct 2005

No probs..

Win XP (Home) SP2.

Router:- DLink DSL-G604T Wireless 802.11g

Wireless Adapter:- DLink DWL-G122 (USB)

The router and wireless adapter were bought as a 'boxed set'.

I don't know whether it's relevent, but the wireless p.c. refers to 'Connection # 6' when the two p.c.s 'talk' to each other, but when I tried the adapter in another USB socket (coz I'd read a thread elsewhere regarding the importance of a snug connection), it came up with 'Connection # 7'. There was also a flag from MS Antispyware Beta stating that an attempt had been made to add a winsock layer.

Hope this makes it clearer?

Regards, db.

  Taff36 06:48 27 Oct 2005

Morning Dogbreath1, Couple of things to try because I have some experience with this router! Change the channel - I think the default is channel 6 try 9. Then try rotating the aerial on the router by 90 degrees. Also this click here has resolved an issue on one of the machines using the same router. Back up the registry first and try it anyway.

Incidentally, I find the signal strength changes dramatically depending on the atmospherics. Make a note of the weather conditions when you notice both good and bad signals and you`ll see what I mean. Don`t know why this should be the case though. I was working on a friends machine yesterday and the link dropped in the middle of a download - moved the adapter onto a shelf above the computer and it was excellent within seconds. I`d put it right next to my wireless keyboard transmitter and it was within 9 inches of my PCMCIA laptop card.Doh!

  dogbreath1 11:13 27 Oct 2005

Morning Taff36. Many thanks for that, I will try all of those things. Will post back with the results. Cheers! db.

  Sans le Sou 17:32 28 Oct 2005

I think there is a general problem with USB adapters, lots of mumbling in many forums. I had a BT(2wire)1050 adapter, this would freeze my computer up randomly, I now have a BT 1040 pci adapter with a D-Link DWL-M60AT directional antenna (very good)and all is well. The only channels with no overlap are 1,6 and 11, I have found that my best reception is on channel 1.

Happy tinkering.

  dogbreath1 17:57 28 Oct 2005

Thanks so much for the response. I'll certainly hold your suggestion in reserve. Touch wood, and having tried out a previously recommended potential solution (realign and reposition the wireless USB adapter), I've had perfect connectivity for two days. Thanks again to Taff36 for that.

A general point re USB...the forums are littered with problems regarding devices dependent upon this mode of connection. Whether it been external hard drives, wireless adapters or (worst of all) modems, there's clearly a major problem. In fact I believe it to be a scandal that these things continue to be sold while the manufacturers remain aware of these problems. Anyway, rant over! ;-)

Again, many thanks for posting to my thread.

Cheers, db.

  dogbreath1 18:13 28 Oct 2005

I'll wait a while before marking the matter as resolved...just in case!

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